NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - April 21, 2008) - Masqueraider Marketing, a marketing consultancy that helps companies transform their brands, has been selected by Bragg Street, LLC, parent company of Thumbnail Résumé Cards, to envision, execute and manage their branding and marketing programs. The programs, which will focus on brand establishment and awareness, and includes brand architecture, corporate image, advertising and e-business planning, will be formally launched on April 21, 2008.

"This is a critical point in our long-term success," noted Michael Bayroff, COO of Thumbnail. "We needed a unique marketing resource whose people have both marketing and business strategy expertise and also understand what it takes to provide unparalleled customer service, regardless of our spending levels." Added Andrew Bayroff, Chief Creative Officer, "The two companies work extremely well with each other. It's like two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together."

"Thumbnail Résumé Cards is a great opportunity," added Chuck Hirsch, President of Masqueraider Marketing. "We have worked extensively with a number of newer marketers, as well as professional products and services businesses. We have both marketing and management consulting people on staff. We know how to take a great idea to the next level. We want to make people aware of the unique and effective way that Thumbnail Résumé Cards helps job seekers network as smartly as possible, in an increasingly commoditized and economically challenged job market."

About Thumbnail Résumé Cards

Launched in 2006, Thumbnail Résumé Cards LLC is a privately funded subsidiary of Bragg Street, LLC, a venture capital company. The company was created to offer a revolutionary alternative to traditional methods of professional information exchange and resume submission. By creating a product portfolio of printed networking cards with additional room for past accomplishments, awards and professional work experience, the company offers a superior way for job seekers and people interested in networking on the go to make a very personal, high impact impression in any professional meeting. Customers may purchase cards directly through the web site, Literally dozens of card options exist, depending on factors such as card format, color, information layout and inclusion of a logo or a photograph. Thumbnail Résumé Cards is headquartered in Freehold, NJ.

About Masqueraider Marketing

Established in 2001, Masqueraider Marketing is a fusion of strategic and creative talent from some of the most successful marketing, branding and consulting organizations worldwide, who have joined together to present a new, more effective model for creating breakthrough marketing and communication programs to reach today's business and consumer audiences. In addition to envisioning communication platforms for clients large and small, Masqueraider Marketing focuses on disciplines such as brand portfolio management, marketing strategy development, program execution (advertising, collateral/POS programs, e-Business, demand generation, etc.), and business transformation. Masqueraider Marketing is located in Westchester, with affiliate offices throughout the NY/NJ/CT metro area.

Contact Information: Media contact: Chuck Hirsch President Masqueraider Marketing™ 914-730-9292