NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - April 22, 2008) - The law firm of Bernstein Litowitz Berger & Grossmann LLP announces the filing of a class action lawsuit on behalf of investors who purchased Select Shares or Investor Shares of the Charles Schwab YieldPlus Fund (NASDAQ: SCHW). Marketed to investors as a conservative investment, the Fund was pitched to investors as being only marginally more risky than a money market fund. The Fund purported to deliver a high return by investing in ultra-short term bonds. The Fund was sold to investors pursuant to a Prospectus, filed with the SEC, which promised that the Fund would avoid risk by not investing in illiquid instruments or by concentrating its investments in any one industry.

In direct violation of the representations to investors, the Fund focused its investments in high-risk mortgage-backed instruments, including securities backed by subprime loans. Contrary to its promises of diversification, the Fund concentrated half of its assets in investments tied to mortgages. Moreover, approximately 40% of the Fund's assets were locked into complex instruments such as Collateralized Mortgage Obligations and Collateralized Debt Obligations that were not liquid, and which the Fund could not readily sell. When the U.S. mortgage market collapsed, the Fund's investments in these risky instruments plummeted in value. By March 20, 2008, the Fund's assets had declined to approximately $2.5 billion from a high of over $13.0 billion as of May 30, 2007.

The complaint filed by Bernstein Litowitz on behalf of all investors in the YieldPlus Fund asserts that Charles Schwab Corp., Charles Schwab Management and other Charles Schwab entities, together with several individuals employed by those entities, violated the Securities Act of 1933 by registering and selling the Select and Investor Shares of the Fund pursuant to registration statements and prospectuses that contained untrue information about the Fund, its investments and its risk profile. The claim is asserted on behalf of all purchasers of Investor and Select Shares of the Fund between March 17, 2005 and March 28, 2008. A copy of the complaint can be found at

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