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Paxil Lawsuit: Fitts Zehl LLP Set to Try 5 Paxil Birth Defects Cases in May 2011

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - February 15, 2011) -  Fitts Zehl LLP -- a personal injury and pharmaceutical litigation law firm in Houston, Texas -- is set to try five Paxil birth defect cases against GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the second largest drug manufacturer in the world, in Philadelphia state court May 2011. In addition to preparing for trial, the firm is accepting new cases from law firms and clients throughout the United States.

"We've taken steps to ensure that no other Paxil trials take place before our May trials," said Ryan Zehl, Paxil birth defects lawyer and Fitts Zehl LLP partner. "This will be the third time GSK goes to trial over Paxil since the FDA required them to disclose the increased risk of congenital heart defects in babies born to mothers taking Paxil during the first trimester of pregnancy in December 2005."

The first trial, Kilker v. GSK, in Fall 2009 resulted in a $2.5 million verdict for plaintiffs. 

The second trial, Blyth v. GSK, in 2010 was cut short when GSK filed a motion for summary judgment halfway through trial.

"We've been heavily involved in Paxil birth defect litigation since filing cases in Philadelphia in 2007 and are devoting whatever resources necessary to ensure that children who suffered because their moms were told Paxil was safe to use during pregnancy are fully compensated for their tragic and serious injuries," said Bryant Fitts, Fitts Zehl partner.

In addition to preparing Paxil lawsuits, Fitts Zehl pharmaceutical claims lawyers successfully resolved a number of defective drug cases against some of the largest drug manufacturers in the world, including Bayer and GSK. 

"We believe evidence will show GSK ignored clinical studies showing Paxil causes birth defects and failed to properly warn doctors of the risks of serious, life-threatening birth defects," said Ryan Zehl.

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