SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 19, 2012) - Lifestyle Chefs' new Meals-in-a-Bun ( offer diabetics a frozen food option that's quick, tasty and tailored to meet their nutritional needs.

"They're low on the glycemic index, low in sugar and carbs, high in soluble fiber, high in lean protein and low in sodium," says Chef Robert Lewis, "The Happy Diabetic," author of two cookbooks for people with the metabolic disorder. "And the best thing is -- they are delicious."  

Meals-in-a-Bun is just the newest innovation in a growing industry. With the number of diabetics worldwide at 246 million, according to the World Health Organization, more businesses are motivated to develop products that help diabetics lead active lifestyles. In 2011, diabetes therapeutic products were a $23.7 billion dollar industry feeding a population that's starving for a better quality of life, Lewis says.

"It wasn't long ago that Type 1 diabetics had to be sure they packed ample sterile syringes and insulin, whether they were going to work for the day or on a road trip," he says. "And food? That's been the hardest. A diabetes diagnosis can feel like a life sentence of bland eating."

Diabetic-friendly frozen foods join other recent innovations, including tubeless insulin pumps and a needleless blood-glucose monitoring system that's currently undergoing studies for regulatory approval.

Meals-in-a-Bun products are now arriving in Louisiana grocery stores and will roll out across the country through the end of the year. They meet a wide variety of dietary needs as all-natural, vegetarian-friendly dining options, and they are ready to eat after just a few minutes in the microwave. Healthy eaters can choose from six options, including:

  • Thai Satay
  • Herb Vegetable Melange
  • Channa Masala
  • Peas Paneer
  • Creamy Vegetable Medley
  • Black Bean Fiesta

About Lifestyle Chefs

Lifestyle Chefs is a Santa Clara, Calif., company specializing in creating meals inspired by world cuisines and using only natural, healthy and nutritious ingredients. Lifestyle Chefs' products, available on their website, are all vegetarian and diabetic-friendly, perfect for families who want fast, convenient meals that are low in calories, high in nutrition and robust in flavor. Chef Robert Lewis, "The Happy Diabetic," was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 1998. He specializes in flavorful recipes that won't spike a diabetic's blood sugar.

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