Chicago, Nov. 6, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kove, the leading high-performance memory-disk SSD storage vendor, now holds 16 of 17 STAC-M3™ Benchmark* world storage records.  The additional results exceed previous Kove tests, and are released today with McObject, Dell and Mellanox, and were run at R-HPC.  These results also document less than ½ the variability between test runs, on average,  compared to all previously published results, demonstrating highly deterministic storage and database characteristics as measured by Standard Deviation.   What does this mean for Financial Services Trading Firms?  Competitive advantage and profitability. 

Those using Kove® storage run I/O applications faster than those who do not, plain and simple.  If speed matters, investing in Kove® storage means immediate profitability advantages - regardless of the I/O profile.  All I/O profiles run faster on Kove® storage as demonstrated by capturing 16 of 17 of STAC-M3™ records, with less than half the overall variability.

Kove® XPD™ L2 Tier 0 storage, running with eXtremeDB IMDS, can improve real world use cases:

  • In Trading, back-testing has been shown to improve 10-20x over previous bests, decreasing risk with richer testing, expanded scope computed in less time and with higher probability outcome.

·         In Risk Management, with improved performance up to 50x, real-time analysis becomes possible.  

  • In Fraud Detection, XPD™ L2 and eXtremeDB enable massively concurrent processing to ensure that Analysts evaluate increased volumes of data in less time than previously imaginable.

Holding world records for latency, IOPS, and bandwidth, Kove®  storage is the lynchpin to achieving the fastest STAC-M3™ Benchmark* ever.  Kove Direct Storage Access (KDSA) technology outperforms all other SSD storage, maintains consistent speed at any capacity level including 100%, never degrades over time, and does not require periodic media replacement. 

"We are pleased with our unprecedented 16 of 17 STAC-M3™ Benchmark* records, another Kove first.  This collaboration in deploying the Kove® XPD™ L2  memory disk for financial services is a continuation of our leadership in high performance storage, providing real world solutions for those who want the competitive advantage of the absolute fastest storage available," states Kove CEO, John Overton.  Industry partners are also impressed with XPD™ L2 performance.

Steven T. Graves, President and CEO of McObject, says: "The eXtremeDB IMDS has emerged as a key tool to purge latency from data-intensive, real-time software applications.  In capital markets, shaving processing time for time-series database application solutions can directly translate to increased profitability.  McObject is pleased to be working with the Kove® XPD™ L2, the lowest latency storage available, to demonstrate that synergistic alignment of our low latency technologies achieves even greater overall performance gains for this application category."

"IT departments in financial capital markets are facing huge growth in the volume of market data, while they are also under pressure to improve trade execution times," said Asaf Wachtel, Director of Financial Services Business Development at Mellanox Technologies.  "These STAC-M3 benchmarks are a testament to the bandwidth and latency performance benefits our InfiniBand interconnect solutions provide to the financial services industry, enabling them with faster time to analysis and trade execution."

"Faster access to and analysis of information means faster time to answers.  This leads to better, and more real time, business decisions," said Bob Barris, VP of global sales, banking and securities at Dell. "These STAC-M3 Benchmark results prove that with the right technology solution, institutions can be assured they can obtain affordable technology for analysing market data, despite unprecedented volumes."

* The STAC-M3™ time-series management (tick database) benchmark consists of a suite of 17 tests.  Kove holds the overall best in 16 of the 17 tests.  See the full reports at and

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