Los Angeles and Moscow, July 1, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SDI Media is pleased to announce the latest expansion to its owned and operated global network of facilities: SDI Media Russia, in Moscow. The expansion builds on SDI's recent entrance into Iberia as well as its 2012 greenfield builds, and comes as a result of a new partnership between SDI Media and Moscow-based media company, New Media.  The new facility will be operated by SDI, who will also be the majority owner. SDI Media will leverage all of their world-leading dubbing technologies and systems, as well as provide support from their global hubs and customer service teams.

SDI has built many relationships in the Russian dubbing market in recent years, and has continued to expand its understanding of local dubbing requirements. With a strong and experienced local partner in New Media - a very successful company that specializes in developing content and materials for television content owners serving Russian cable and satellite markets; SDI can now provide a complete Russian solution to clients locally, and worldwide. 

SDI Media Russia's full service dubbing studios will be centrally located in close proximity to Moscow's Ostankino Tower, convenient to the city's local broadcasters and content owners. SDI Media Russia has leased nearly 10,000 sq. ft. for the brand new greenfield facility that includes 5 recording rooms (consisting of 2 theatrical studios, 2 broadcast studios, 1 voice-over studio), and a 5.1 mix room to start.  Future expansion is already anticipated that would more than double the capacity of the studio, including additional theatrical, broadcast, mix, and new media offerings.  All studios are being constructed to SDI's global standards and will utilize its specially developed dubbing technologies including InSync Casting, T3 Script Management, and QuickDub Session Management. SDI Media Russia will offer dubbing and mixing solutions for Russian language servicing of international content, as well as provide new opportunities to the existing local dubbing community. As the first international firm to open a major studio in Russia, SDI Media's global service offering will now be available as a local, one-stop, end-to-end solution for the Russian localization community, providing local clients the added benefits that come from working with a global service provider.

Svetlana Gabunia, one of the owners and a longstanding top executive at New Media, will head operations as Country Manager of SDI Media Russia. Ms. Gabunia has a long history of success with over 20 years' experience in Russia's television production industry. Having had a wide-ranging career at Rossiya, one of the top broadcast television stations in Russia, and nearly a decade of experience with both Commercial Director and Chief of Production roles on the popular televised health program BezRetsepta, Ms. Gabunia is well suited for this challenging management role.

"SDI views Russia as a key market in which to expand our owned and operated footprint. We wanted a strong and experienced local partner, who had outstanding business credentials and who was committed to the highest business practices. With New Media and Svetlana Gabuniya we found the partner we were looking for," said Walter Schonfeld, CEO of SDI Media. "With the relationships New Media has built in Russia, and the breadth of knowledge Svetlana brings to SDI, we now have the ability to provide the integrated global service offerings and technologies SDI is known for."

"I am very happy to partner with SDI Media in their expansion into Russia," says Ms. Gabunia, "With SDI's global service offerings, we will be able to provide the Russian dubbing market a complete, in-house and local solution that cannot be matched. The local broadcasters and dubbing community, as well as global customers, will benefit greatly from the added services we can now provide with SDI Media as our partner."

For additional information, or to schedule a tour, please contact: Svetlana Gabunia at Svetlana.Gabunia@sdimedia.com


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