NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Apr 11, 2014) - LiveDeal (NASDAQ: LIVE) is currently following a growth model that will lead to monetizing its unique, real-time "deal engine" that connects merchants with consumers and drive more revenue into the company. In order to create a platform it can, in fact, monetize the company is following a tried and true model that calls for traffic and lots of it. 

Basically the company's business model calls for increasing the number of cities where the deal engine will launch, and in each of those cities, the goal is to grow restaurant participation on its platform. At the same time, LiveDeal will drive users to who will then benefit from the promotions those participating restaurants present to consumers in real-time.

Had Facebook been a publicly traded company when the social network launched in 2004, most wouldn't have given it a chance to be an almost $120 billion company as it is today. Ten years later most of Facebook's revenue comes from advertising, and that revenue is possible because it built a popular platform that generated millions of users. Of its more than 1.2 billion users, almost a billion are mobile users.

In LiveDeal's model, adding more cities to its online and mobile site will ideally lead to adding more restaurants which in turn, will lead to adding more users, and it is those users who will increase traffic to

Once LiveDeal builds significant daily traffic, it can then parlay that traffic into revenue through advertising and a pay-per-click model that restaurants can use to gain a premium listing on the platform in their local areas.

The company's strategic partnership with will grow the number of restaurants participating on the platform and assist LiveDeal in introducing its product into new cities and metropolitan areas around the US. Meanwhile, the newly launched Android app and the eventual launch of its iOS app will make it easier for on-the-go consumers to find the restaurant promotions on

So, there is a method to the madness at LiveDeal and when advertising opportunities and competing restaurants vying for premium placement of their promotions in cities all across the US generate additional revenue streams, the current process of adding cities, restaurants, and users will all make sense.

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