YOUNGSTOWN, OH--(Marketwired - Jul 17, 2014) - All of the data needed to make informed business decisions can now be accessed anywhere using a simple web login with SenSource's new Vea Analytics web portal, Vea Web.

Vea Web is created to drive raw data into meaningful information to reveal patterns and insight, ultimately leading to decision making expertise. This secure online platform is client-owned, including the foot traffic data and URL. Retail executives own the tools to analyze multiple key data sources simultaneously, such as traffic monitoring, POS, staffing and weather, with insightful dashboards. Foot traffic data reveals new questions about business efficiency and Vea Web powers the tools needed to answer them. By knowing more about customers' shopping behaviors, patrons' visitation patterns and the impact of external sources, business executives are armed with sophisticated decision-making analytics.

Joe Varacalli, SenSource President, explains the purpose of this innovative software tool, "We at SenSource are committed to our client's success. Our products and services are designed with our customers' needs as our sole focus. Vea Web excels our vision to help clients lower operating costs and realize each and every location's sales potential."

While SenSource Vea Analytics Software is well-established launching in 2009, the new addition of Vea Web provides innovative and increased access to the software. Business executives can make better decisions as a team by communicating data cohesively with permission-based shared dashboards, downloadable reports and spreadsheets. Decisions can also be made on the go by analyzing key performance indicators on mobile devices and tablets.

Key information is displayed on intuitive, insightful dashboards with customizable features to promote quick comprehension and analysis. With the GeoCode feature, facility latitude and longitude is retrieved for geographic based systems such as weather integration. For a personalized experience, color schemes and skins can be customized or corporate can integrate Vea Web's data into their own software by accessing the web API.

Vea Web will evolve as clients continue to provide feedback on features and functionality. SenSource is positioned to continue providing flexible, expandable solutions for the ever advancing technological needs of its customers.

SenSource is a Youngstown-based, privately-held technology company providing a variety of business intelligence solutions since 2002.

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