Source : All About Cats Veterinary Hospital

All About Cats Cat Hospital Veterinarians Emphasize Environmental Enrichment

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 23, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At All About Cats cat hospital in Las Vegas, veterinarians place an emphasis on educating cat owners about the importance of enriching cats' environments in order to prevent unwanted behaviors and unnecessary stress for cats. The veterinarians assist cat owners with providing essential elements in their home environments to ensure cats' security, prevent boredom, and avoid undesirable behaviors.

When cat owners approach veterinarians at All About Cats with questions regarding feline behavior advice, they might be surprised by the answers they receive. Cat owners are amazed to hear undesirable behaviors such as aggression, scratching, and litter box trouble can be redirected with simple adjustments or additions to a cat's environment.

"When cat owners come to us complaining of undesirable behavior - whether it be aggression toward people or other animals, unwanted scratching, or urinating or defecating outside the litter box - we first rule out any medical problems which might be causing the behavior." said Dr. Terri Koppe, owner and veterinarian at All About Cats. "When it's apparent the cat is in good health, we ask questions about the animal's environment at home."

As natural predators, cats exhibit territorial behavior and are easily under stimulated. When a cat does not expend energy on hunting, the animal redirects this energy into behaviors like marking territory by scratching the furniture, exhibiting aggression, and/or having difficulty using the litter box regularly, whether out of frustration or fear.

Veterinarians at All About Cats recommend cat owners tailor their homes to accommodate the needs of their feline pets. This includes providing cats with a variety of engaging toys to simulate hunting through play; safe, stress-free litter box locations; and alternative surfaces for scratching like posts, scratching pads, and cat trees. The veterinarians point out cat trees can be selected according to a cat's preference for scratching materials (carpet or sisal) and positions (horizontal or vertical).

Cats often display aggressive behaviors or stress as the result of feeling threatened. This anxiety can be brought on by the presence of other pets in the home, the scent of neighborhood cats, or even overly excited play with children. Providing cats ample hiding or retreat opportunities throughout the home will help to mitigate this behavior. These places might include shelves, hammocks, or cat trees, which allow the cat to perch above the ground.

Pet owners are encouraged to make an appointment with the hospital to discuss cat behavior, reminding owners a cat doesn't need to be sick to come in.

A hospital which exclusively sees and treats cats, All About Cats was opened in 2001 by Dr. Terri Koppe. The staff and team of veterinarians provide top quality, stress-free, specialized treatment to felines. The veterinarians are currently offering a "Back to the Box" promotion for cats not using their litter box appropriately.

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