CHICO, Calif., June 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Answering the guest's plea for higher levels of personalized service in the hospitality industry, Sochule Inc has rolled out ProximiTel, a backend platform that provides over 7 million data points of interests' demographics, hobbies, and non-personally identifiable consumer behavior information, among other features. Hotels can sign up and choose from numerous Freemium or paid subscription plans. ProximiTel's Freemium subscription offers over 55 real-time data widgets of analytics and demographics about guests staying at their hotel.

ProximiTel offers hotels and retail businesses a cutting-edge marketing solution to reach their consumers in real-time in connection with partnered mobile apps. The platform's robustness is unrivaled in the industry, offering tools for businesses to increase revenue, track ROI, streamline customer service and engage with their consumer base.

ProximiTel also utilizes iBeacon technology, which sends push notifications to app users when they pass by or enter a hotel, restaurant or other retail business. The app user enters the proximity of the iBeacon, which triggers a push notification that is sent to the user's mobile device. When opened, push notifications reveal mobile-ready landing pages for specials, coupons, a free appetizer, drink specials, golf or spa package specials, promotional room rates, tickets to a show or whatever else a business may want to promote.

"One our most cutting edge tools is the consumer sentiment dashboard called ProximiTel Pulse," said Sochule Inc CEO and developer Marc Lewis. "Our algorithm factors hundreds of proprietary data points to determine a guest's experience whether positive or negative. This allows the hotel to be proactive and get in front of problems before they turn into a negative experience or bad review online. It's a way to streamline operations and eliminate bottlenecks while creating memorable guest experiences. As our B2B offering, we feel ProximiTel has the potential to reshape the way hotels do business."

Additionally, through iBeacon integrations, ProximiTel can help hotels and retail businesses interact with their consumers with rich mobile landing pages, and by offering food and drink specials to those nearby an establishment, creating rewards, analyzing non-personally identifiable consumer behavior, and other ways.

"The use of iBeacons underscores the value of truly knowing your guests and giving them an authentic experience," Lewis said. "If the guest notices the hotel has gone the extra mile to make them feel special and unique, they have just become a guest for life."

ProximiTel is a sister company of HelloTel, a mobile app (available on iOS, Android, Amazon, Kindle Fire, and Blackberry) released in October 2014, which transforms an ordinary hotel check-in into a rich social network for travelers.

The ProximiTel Platform offers businesses Freemium and paid subscription models to market and advertise to their consumer base— through one of the most unique and innovative platforms on the market. In total, ProximiTel's entire Freemium and paid subscription model of dashboards offers 30 pages and over 200 widgets of marketing tools, non-personally identifiable consumer behavior, partnered email tools, analytics, iBeacons integrations and reporting. Hotels that wish to partake in the Freemium dashboards or signup for the entire suite may register on the ProximiTel website:
About Proximitel

ProximiTel is a custom backend platform for hotels and retail businesses that utilizes iBeacon technology. ProximiTel is designed to help hotels and businesses provide authentic experiences to their consumers, while streamlining operations and eliminating bottlenecks. For more information visit, like us on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter at