PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 15, 2015) - In a display of continuing momentum, Activehours, the app that allows workers to create a flexible payday schedule, is announcing a partnership with Processing Point, Inc., the maker of two highly regarded time clock brands, uAttend and uPunch. This partnership will enable hundreds of thousands of workers to seamlessly access their wages without having to wait for payday.

According to a recent Ypulse survey conducted on behalf of Activehours, one in four hourly workers would prefer flexible access to their pay over an increase in earnings. It also found that 52 percent of millennial workers find the biweekly pay cycle unfair.

"We're excited to partner with Processing Point to put more financial power into the hands of hourly workers," said John Spottiswood, senior vice president of business development and partnerships, Activehours. "Processing Point provides a connected workplace to its customers, and this partnership adds another layer of financial connectivity to this new way of working."

The new partnership will help to innovate the payroll system by allowing more hourly workers the flexibility to set the terms of their pay period. Previously, workers were constrained to the pay frequency that their employer set.

"uAttend is proud to be the first time and attendance solution sold at leading retailers, such as Costco, Staples and Office Depot, to offer an integration with Activehours," said Scott Berry, vice president of engineering at Processing Point. "Our customers and their employees now have another unique benefit, on-demand pay, that they can get with uAttend."

While over $1 trillion of hourly pay waits for over two weeks to be paid out, Americans spend over $32 billion annually on overdraft fees -- more than they spend on fresh vegetables. Given the opportunity to access their pay, workers are able to bypass these banking pitfalls and take charge of their financial lives.

Activehours uses a Pay-What-You-Think-is-Fair model, meaning users can leave an optional tip for the service. In this way, users are able to pay for this service on their terms, as well.

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Activehours is the new, faster way to get paid. Unlike the traditional two-week pay cycle, Activehours unlocks your pay by giving you the money you've already earned when you need it most -- any time, any day. With Activehours, you choose when to get paid for the hours you've already worked, finally giving you control over your finances. Founded in 2013, Activehours is driving consumer-empowered finance through mobile technology by breaking open more than $1 trillion held up in America's pay cycle. For more information on Activehours or to download the app, please visit

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