NEW YORK, Sept. 18, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Varick, an audience-centric digital marketing company, released today the findings from a culmination of Nielsen Digital Brand Effect (DBE) studies. Through the research commissioned from Nielsen by Varick, clients can feel confident in both the sales-driving and brand-building effectiveness of Varick’s desktop and mobile advertising solutions, particularly in the retail category.

According to eMarketer, retail will outspend other industries on digital advertising, which is predicted to reach $18 billion in 2017. The sheer size and diversity of the industry, given its digitally adept e-commerce retailers, will keep retail at the top of the list. However, as ad spend numbers grow, retail marketers continue to feel uncertainty about the measurement and efficiencies behind the ad dollars being invested.

Nielsen's Digital Brand Effect solution uses a Brand Lift methodology to provide an understanding of campaign effectiveness against a primary marketing objective: Awareness, Association, Attitudes, Favorability, Intent or Preference. Based on these metrics, Varick has full visibility into customer reactions and brand sentiment resulting from ad campaigns, and can consequently make optimizations to drive success based on client goals. Using Nielsen DBE, Varick has given retailers confidence in driving positive impact from their ad spend.

Varick utilizes these studies across all verticals, and results show that campaigns that ran on Varick historically drove consideration and intent brand lift 3x more than Nielsen norms. However, a recent compilation of all Varick DBE campaigns uncovered particularly strong performance in the retail and CPG verticals. Results showed that shopping and retail campaigns that ran with Varick drove 5x more lift than Nielsen DBE norms.

“Nielsen has been one of our core data partners for over four years. We’ve had the opportunity to run their DBE Studies for countless clients across all verticals,” explains Kait Boulos, VP of Client Strategy and Partnerships at Varick. “This tool has been invaluable in helping us understand how brand advertising initiatives are resonating with audiences and how we can use that information to drive positive campaign results.”

Sean Casey, Product Lead for Nielsen Digital Brand Effect, said, "We're happy to provide unique insights to our clients, who use DBE's real-time analysis of campaign lift in order to optimize spend while still in flight, and help ensure their campaigns are as effective as they can be.”

About Varick
Varick is an audience centric digital marketing company that uses state of the art technology to provide agencies and brands with full funnel, cross-channel strategies to drive brand marketing objectives. Varick, a pioneer in the programmatic space since 2008 was originally founded on New York’s historic Varick Street. Now headquartered in the heart of midtown, Varick continues to bring the fast paced spirit of the digital world to a global audience.

About Nielsen
Nielsen Holdings plc (NYSE:NLSN) is a global performance management company that provides a comprehensive understanding of what consumers watch and buy. Nielsen's Watch segment provides media and advertising clients with Total Audience measurement services for all devices on which content — video, audio and text — is consumed. The Buy segment offers consumer packaged goods manufacturers and retailers the industry's only global view of retail performance measurement. By integrating information from its Watch and Buy segments and other data sources, Nielsen also provides its clients with analytics that help improve performance.  Nielsen, an S&P 500 company, has operations in over 100 countries, covering more than 90% of the world’s population. For more information, visit

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