AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Magnitude Software, Inc., a leader in delivering unified application data management to global organizations across industries, today announced its disruptive universal data connectivity platform, Magnitude Gateway, which delivers instant, self-serve access to operational and analytical data wherever it resides, alongside an improved user experience. The platform provides enhanced, simplified and unified access to enterprise data to organizations and Independent Software vendors (ISVs) alike. It enables ISVs in the business analytics, intelligence, and data source and integration spaces to get products to market faster without requiring more or specialized resources, while also ensuring low-cost maintainability of deployed data connectivity. The unique connectivity capabilities also empower enterprise business teams with multiple applications and data sources to self-serve real-time data from any data source, while benefiting from embedded business logic that puts insights in the hands of business users, without IT involvement.

Leveraging its trusted, long-term relationships with a growing global vendor ecosystem including data source vendors and application partners, Magnitude built its Gateway platform to provide unified, smart data access via universal drivers to nearly 100 mission-critical applications and data sources. These drivers provide a single interface to standard and intelligent adapters. Intelligent adapters are enriched with business schema, supplying business views of the data through an augmented semantic layer. The platform’s modular access to data sources removes the need for heavy implementation and maintenance requirements and ensures simplified configuration and connectivity management.

“Magnitude Gateway is a real game-changer - it is a truly disruptive approach to connecting applications and data sources, creating an intelligent and unified bridge to today’s critical business apps and data sources,” said Darren Pierce, Chief Technology Officer of Magnitude Software. “Our Platform enables dramatically simplified setup, management and maintenance of data connectivity solutions geared toward the ISV community and enterprise business teams alike – dramatically improving the user experience while also reducing the sourcing and upkeep burdens of data connectivity solutions.”

The Magnitude Gateway platform was uniquely architected by Magnitude’s Simba Technologies team to meet the complex data connectivity needs of analytics and application vendors, and enterprise teams. It enables leading data providers such as HortonWorks, Databricks, Cloudera, Datastax and MapR, and application and analytics ISVs including Alteryx, Power BI, Qlik, Tableau and Microstrategy, to reduce costs and product time-to-market. The platform eliminates data connectivity development and traditional distribution burdens, and minimizes maintenance and support while delivering new connectivity to business users independently of the ISV’s release cycle. Gateway also enables ISVs to gain new insights on usage analysis to better understand data source popularity, data volumes, and frequency to manage their existing and new pipeline more effectively.

Key benefits delivered by Magnitude Gateway include:

  • Instant, business-user access to data from many sources, plus the ability to deliver immediate value from that data.
  • Hands-off data access administration for IT.
  • Decreased time to market and reduced costs through integration of universal drivers.
  • Data access across all data source types including traditional relational sources, big data, SaaS and NoSQL.
  • Ability to maintain connection integrity with ongoing support and adapter updates.
  • Rapid and simple addition of new Adapters to the list of available connectivity for end users.

“Over my many years in BI and Machine Learning, we in the market have built great self-service technologies for business users. But we have always struggled to give these users simple, effective and well-managed access to live data in business applications,” said Donald Farmer, Principal at TreeHive Strategy. “Magnitude’s new Gateway solution wraps up business-friendly intelligent adapters, a wide range of standard adapters and high performance universal drivers. For business users, this simplifies live data access. For IT, the Gateway simplifies deployment and maintenance, while also providing insights to usage and governance. As a result, Magnitude Gateway is well positioned to be the enabler the industry is clamoring for.”

“This innovation solidifies our position as the leader in delivering unified application data management to global organizations including top ISVs and enterprise teams,” added Chris Ney, Chairman and CEO of Magnitude Software. “Magnitude Gateway enables better investment of resources and faster growth, allowing businesses to move at the speed of digital transformation despite today’s fragmented data and application environments.”

The Magnitude Gateway platform comes on the heels of robust growth and strong company momentum. Recently recognized and listed on the Inc. 5000, and a trusted partner to 100 percent of the 2017 Gartner BI Magic Quadrant leaders, Magnitude sees its revenue closing in on $100 million, with recurring revenue more than tripling since 2014. The company’s global customer base continues to grow, now counting over 1,200 customers across industries and including many of the F500. The company also boasts three strategic acquisitions in the past year, including Every Angle Software, Innowera and Agility Multichannel, with an expanded executive team leading the company into its next chapter of global innovation and growth.

For more information about Magnitude Gateway and how it can improve your data access and connectivity management capabilities, see our introductory video, request a demo or visit .

About Magnitude Software

Magnitude’s transformative approach to unified application data management delivers vast operational efficiencies to business application data access, management, analytics and reporting for the modern enterprise. Magnitude’s portfolio of products includes: simplified application data access to any data source; data management solutions for the SAP and commerce verticals; simplified master data harmonization and governance; and packaged application analytics and reporting solutions for SAP and Oracle. The company helps thousands of business users simplify management of their data and deliver on the substantial productivity gains these applications originally promised. For more information, please visit