DigitalBits Sponsors Loyalty Live, World’s First Blockchain & Loyalty Rewards Conference Uniting Global Enterprises and Blockchain Leaders

Blockchain-based asset tokenization platform DigitalBits supports three-day conference to educate, collaborate, and further the convergence of these multi-billion dollar industries

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

Chicago, Illinois, Oct. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aligned with the mission of driving mainstream adoption for blockchain technology, leading blockchain company, DigitalBits, will sponsor the world's first Loyalty Live event, hosted by Untraceable, a company specializing in events and marketing for blockchain and crypto. Loyalty Live will bring together blockchain and corporate loyalty experts to help bridge the gap between the two industries, at the River Roast Social House in Chicago on October 16 - October 18, 2018. 

Loyalty Live will dive deep into various marketing technologies, including blockchain for enterprise, with informative sessions and expert panels. Attendees will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with technology and gain a deeper understanding of how the integration of these two spaces could impact daily lives of consumers. 

CEO of the DigitalBits Foundation, Al Burgio, said "As of now, a third of all loyalty points go unredeemed - that equates to over $16 billion in the US alone. Because of that, we wanted to support a dialogue with leading experts in both spaces to introduce solutions to current gaps in blockchain and loyalty management. We look forward to harnessing technology to bring worth to the convergence of both industries."

Loyalty Live will feature a speaker lineup of top executives including Julie Lyle, former CMO of Walmart, Al Burgio, Founder of DigitalBits, Don Sheluga, Loyalty Operations Director of Hertz, Nadine Rubin, Operations at RewardOps, Peter Nadimi, Senior Counsel of McDonald's Corporation, Bradley Rotter, Vice Chair of Rivetz, Tracy Leparulo, CEO and Founder of Untraceable, and more as they collaborate in discussions on integrating blockchain solutions for all horizontals in the loyalty sector. 

Conference programming will feature panels and discussions on topics such as how blockchain mitigates many challenges brands face with executing loyalty programs, merging blockchain with existing business systems, tracking systems, lowering transaction fees, improving points liquidity and redemption, reducing consumer friction, and eliminating fraud.

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About DigitalBits:
The DigitalBits Foundation supports the DigitalBits™ open-source project by providing development resources, infrastructure, events and education. DigitalBits is focused on closing the gap between Blockchain innovation and driving mass adoption. The DigitalBits blockchain is a transaction and trading layer for digital assets, including the points economy. It is designed to enable mass market liquidity of fragmented digital assets. It's native digital asset ("digitalbits" or "XDB") secures the blockchain network, enables functional use of wallets, and is required to cover nominal transaction fees on the network. DigitalBits is targeting the multi-billion dollar loyalty and rewards market as a first use-case to tokenize legacy points already in the pockets of a large portion of society. The DigitalBits blockchain will achieve this by enabling large scale companies to integrate their loyalty and rewards programs and in turn migrate millions of active wallets onto the DigitalBits blockchain. For more information, please visit