Lewis Center, Ohio, Feb. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lewis Center, Ohio – Nature’s One®, the leader in organic pediatric nutrition has innovated the world’s first certified organic source of DHA.  Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) is a vital Omega-3 fatty-acid nutrient for human development, especially in utero during the 3rd Trimester and continuing in early childhood for brain and eye formation.  Breast milk is rich in these fatty acids.  Now there is a certified organic DHA source only available through Nature’s One®. 

Jay Highman, Founder and CEO of Nature’s One, says, “Nutritional science emphasizes the many benefits of DHA throughout the body.  The Nature’s One source is a phospholipid form of DHA making for efficient bioavailable absorption.”  The other common additive form of DHA is a triglyceride form of DHA.  It is found in highly processed algal sources grown in stainless steel tanks or fish and is not as easily utilized by the body.  Highman continues, “Finally, there is an organic certified source for beneficial DHA where consumers can be assured the purest source with maximum benefits.”

Nature’s One source for certified organic DHA is organic egg yolks.  Using an organic-approved process, the DHA of the egg is carefully separated from the protein without harmful chemicals.  Test results show non-detectable egg protein allergens in the certified organic DHA phospholipid.  Highman adds, “We have been working to innovate a certified organic DHA phospholipid for nearly two-decades.  The first small innovation was the introduction of an organic compliant version of DHA in 2011.  The final step was to humanely raise flocks of organic hens according to US and European organic husbandry standards.  Today, organic certified DHA using organic eggs is one of our greatest innovations.”

The first branded products with certified organic DHA will be found in Baby’s Only Organic® Toddler formulas.  These products will be available soon directly through Nature’s One website at www.naturesone.com, Amazon, Whole Foods Markets, Sprouts Farmers Market and other natural food stores nationwide. 

Organic brands using conventional sources of DHA should be considering this source as required by USDA organic regulations.  Quantities are available for commercial applications.  Nature’s One offers technical formulation guidance for an additional fee.  Inquiries can be emailed to OrganicDHA@naturesone.com

About Nature’s One:Founded in 1997, Nature's One introduced the first organic formula, Baby’s Only Organic®, in the United States and continues to be a leader in organic pediatric nutrition. Nature's One has spent over 21 years dedicating its resources to the research, development, and sourcing of purity ingredients, for children of all ages.  Rated “Best in Class” by Clean Label Project, Baby's Only Organic® Formulas are hallmarks of nutrition and purity.  PediaSmart® Organic beverage, and PediaVance® Electrolyte Solution are other Nature’s One products sold nationally and through online retailers. 

Lisa Edwards
Nature's One