San Diego, California, Aug. 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mental health has become a major crisis in the world. Cases of depression and suicide have increased, especially among youths. The environment that the children grow up can have something to do with the increased rate of suicides.

As the children grow, they undergo a lot of pressure to be perfect. This leaves them at a spot where they can't talk to anyone about their problems. As they grow older, they are accustomed to bottling up everything they feel. They learn to control their feelings and handle all their problems without asking for help. 

1. Mental health problems are affecting millennials

Teacher Jimmy Delgado San Ysidro is a famous conga head musician. Listening to music can help someone with mental health problems. Since smooth music helps cool the nerves and makes them relax.

The social media influence also has played a role in mental health problems. People develop an unhealthy sense of competition and the need to fit in. What they forget is that all the things on social media are staged and their happiness lies with their friends and family.

Among the youths and millennial, the need to be perfect and not show any weakness has increased. The constant comparison of themselves with their peers has worsened the situation. Someone could be going through a social media page and notice that a person they went to school with is doing way better than they are.

This could lead to cases of feeling inferior and being depressed about their situation. This is what is eating up most of the youths. People need to learn to share their burdens and talk to people who will understand their situation. Talking to someone can help make the burden lighter.
Not talking only worsens the situation and brings the suicidal thoughts. Additionally, people need to learn to take time off their work and busy schedule.

Taking a vacation can change the mood of a person and instantly make them feel better. A change of scenery and location can make a huge difference to a person's mental health.
Most people bury themselves in work and don't take time off to relax. Relaxing and spending some time away from the busy schedule can help get rid of the work tension and anxiety. Most people have vacation times, and they rarely use them.
Taking a vacation doesn't mean that you need to go to a posh and luxurious resort. Take time to go camping for a few days. This will keep the mind at ease and relaxed. When someone comes back to work, they will be feeling much better.

2.The Mental Health Care System is a Downhill

This is another reason that is causing mental health problems. The decline in the mental health care system is leading to more cases of mental health problems. The long wait for people looking for psychiatric help has led to people giving up looking for help. 

When someone is looking for psychiatric help, there are three stages of medical care. This depends on the state of the patients. Some patients may need immediate help, while others can hold on for a few hours before seeing the psychiatry.

There is an emergency room where the patients are first stabilised. If the patient comes distressed in the hospital, this is the first area, and they will be given medical care. An injection can be administered to calm them down if they are hysterical. They are immediately admitted to the psychiatric ward for further monitoring of their condition.

There is the post-hospital care given to the patients. Here the patients are allowed to go home if they don't pose a danger to themselves and those around them. 

The hospital ensures that they receive the care needed from home. They have reporting dates to come back to the hospital. Also, the doctors can do a follow up to see how they are coping.

What next? Mental health care should be taken seriously, and people should aim at ensuring that their friends and family are doing fine. Mental health awareness should be made a priority to ensure that there are fewer cases of suicide.