Laguna Beach, Calif., April 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- KEYNO, maker of  the first dynamic CVV2 code technology that integrates with already-issued credit cards to prevent fraud, today announced its initial availability to investors via equity crowdfunding site Wefunder.  KEYNO will launch publicly on Wefunder on April 16, 2020; investors who act early will receive additional incentives worth approximately 8%

In collaboration with Visa, KEYNO is now offering dynamic CVV2 (CVVkeyTM) technology to banks. For as little as $100, investors have the opportunity to create the momentum needed to get this innovative technology in front of bank decision-makers—the first point of entry for demand and adoption by consumers. 

The timing of KEYNO’s introduction is fortuitous:  In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, online purchases are reported to have increased 4X, and the need for online fraud prevention has risen in parallel. 

"KEYNO solves a problem I have today—online credit card fraud,” said Dave Bruno, financial technology expert, venture builder, and former Head of Innovation at UBS Wealth Management. “And that problem just quadrupled as a result of the current crisis, as people get used to sourcing everything from Amazon, Google, and other e-commerce sites. The world needs a safe and easy solution—now."

Founded and created by longtime technology and financial services expert Robert Steinman, and working in collaboration with Visa, KEYNO is available as a standalone white labeled or branded mobile app, or as a software developer kit (SDK) plug-in to a bank's mobile app. KEYNO’s technology is implemented via a two-step process. First, the card-issuing bank signs up with KEYNO and Visa for the service to be enabled on a range of cards via a simple form. Once enabled on VisaNet, banks will offer the technology as an option to its cardholders, who can easily activate their already-issued cards. 

“By taking a page from the Google Authenticator playbook, KEYNO has developed an easily implemented solution for both banks and consumers—the two most important decision-makers in the equation,” said Steinman, Founder and CEO of KEYNO.

Cardholders can turn the service on at the time of card activation, or by scanning a QR code on the product announcement from their bank. Once activated, a new dynamically created CVV2 (CVVkey) security code is issued every 4-12 hours, regardless if they use their card. When cardholders make an online purchase in which they must input the CVV2 code, they simply refer to their mobile app and input the dynamic CVV2 (CVVkey) code to make a secure purchase. Because the CVVkey code is valid for a short period of time and changes continually, consumers can be confident their card details cannot be stolen by online hackers.

"Online credit/debit card fraud was a $6.4 billion problem in 2018 alone, and is projected to increase, particularly in light of the fact that online purchases are skyrocketing in this current COVID-19 environment," Steinman added. "Banks spend an inordinate amount of resources dealing with card fraud once it occurs, and are looking for a solution. We’re confident that gaining momentum for KEYNO via fundraising will allow us to successfully approach banks, get KEYNO loaded onto hundreds of thousands of smartphones, and benefit those investors who see the unique value in this technology."

Available to banks now,  KEYNO is currently presenting the solution to decision-makers at top financial institutions. 


KEYNO is a first-of-its kind smartphone-based technology designed specifically to prevent credit and debit card fraud—rather than simply detect it—on already-issued cards. Created by technologist and serial entrepreneur Robert Steinman, KEYNO is the only solution that addresses the large, and growing, online fraud problem with proprietary dynamic CVV2 technology called CVVkeyTM that provides continually changing security codes for use in online purchases. KEYNO benefits banks, merchants and consumers by preventing stolen credit card details from being reused online. For more information, visit

Krista Van Lewen for KEYNO