Company Announcement No. 829

At the Annual General Meeting on 16 March 2020, a decision was passed to reduce the share capital by DKK 5,000,000 by cancelling 5,000,000 treasury shares.

No objections have been received, and following registration of the reduction with the Danish Business Authority, it came into effect on 16 April 2020.

Following the cancellation of the 5,000,000 shares, the share capital of DSV Panalpina A/S has a current nominal value of DKK 230,000,000 divided into 230,000,000 shares with a face value of DKK 1, corresponding to a total of 230,000,000 voting rights.

Any questions may be addressed to Executive Vice President, Investor Relations, Flemming Ole Nielsen, tel. +45 43 20 33 92.

Yours sincerely,
DSV Panalpina A/S