MINNEAPOLIS, June 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SmiForce (www.smiforce.com), a  cloud-based data analytics & big data log-management platform company, today announced that Eden Prairie Schools, based in Eden Prairie, MN, has selected SmiForce’s IT Performance Management Solution to bolster IT security, server management and IT staff efficiency.

Eden Prairie Schools will be using SmiForce’s IT Performance Management solution, which incorporates premier data correlation engines, Big Data, AI and Machine Learning platforms, and a dynamic visualization tool to analyze all the log data from customer servers. SmiForce provides fast data ingest, advanced computations and correlations, and detailed insights about Eden Prairie Schools’ IT infrastructure. With their premier solution, SmiForce can help manage security & servers more efficiently, reduce the staff time needed to identify IT threats, and to help troubleshoot any IT problems within minutes.   

SmiForce's cloud-based data analytics & big data log-management solution helps all IT organizations monitor, detect and troubleshoot threats, risks, and issues seamlessly. Their advanced computation, correlation, Big Data, AI, & Machine Learning platforms and interactive visualization engine provides customers the ability to easily view proactive insights for a variety of IT disciplines spanning security, servers, applications, infrastructure, firewalls, networks, SQL-databases, users and more. With operational modules for every component in a complex organization, SmiForce provides IT teams with essential analyses, alerts, and unmatched reporting & insights on critical ratios and key performance indicators in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner.

The AI and Machine Learning capabilities reduces staff time to identify and isolate problems. Additionally, SmiForce’s tool will reduce the number of clicks and dropdowns to troubleshoot the issue compared to traditional solutions. Its advance alerting provides proactive notifications with immense details to help IT staffs solve problems quickly. The company is leading the way with enterprise data analytics, cyber-security detection, server performance management, application response time, and much more.

“SmiForce’s IT Performance Management solution brings an intuitive UI and detailed analyses that identify both the normal and the abnormal behaviors within my IT environment. Their cloud-based SaaS solution easily visualizes any threat or issue through graphs, KPIs, scorecards, metrics, and reports, allowing our team to get to the root cause in three simple clicks,” said Joe Brazil, IT Director of Eden Prairie Schools. “This tool saves a tremendous amount of staff time to identify and isolate problems.”

“We are enjoying working with Eden Prairie Schools, and I am delighted that we are able to help them monitor their IT environment, protect their infrastructure, and help mitigate any security or performance issue,” said Manoj Narayanan, Director of Product Management for SmiForce. “ I am pleased to see that we are able to ingest millions of events per day easily, provide complex analyses to help identify any threats or performance issues affecting their IT infrastructure, and help manage the security, performance, and response time across their technology infrastructure.”

About SmiForce:
For over 10 years, SmiForce (smiforce.com), a Minnesota based company, has been bringing next-generation Big Data, AI, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Learning technology to help monitor, detect, troubleshoot, and mitigate any threats or issues affecting business environments. Our cloud-based SaaS solution provides 'One Tool’ that encompasses a breadth of detail analyses to help proactively alert you on many opportunities, threats, issues, and risks that affect organizations.

Our Performance Management Analytics solution will eliminate the need for redundant infrastructure, software costs, and administrative costs to help your company grow. We provide customers and/or internal management the ability to turn data into actionable insights. Our services will help transform your organization with a click of a button by providing advance analyses, enhanced insights, and dynamic visualizations & dashboards for your teams.

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Manoj Narayanan
Director of Product Manager, SmiForce Inc.
Phone: (952) 649-0505
Email: manoj@smiforce.com