Tampa, Florida, USA, June 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Did you know that one in five small businesses are affected by some sort of cyber breach every year? What about that 81 percent of cyberattacks target small and medium-sized companies? How about that 97 percent of all cybersecurity breaches could have been prevented with modern technology and a plan of attack? If you would rather protect your business than become another statistic, Assurity Solutions provides the comprehensive Information Technology (IT) services you need for peace of mind. 

The experts at Assurity Solutions have over 30 years of practical IT experience, enabling them to answer any questions you may have regarding VOIP communications, managed printers, network security, system security, disaster planning, and more. Better yet, the company is dedicated to providing individualized attention to every client so you never need to worry about getting lost in the shuffle. Put another way, the company will always know who you are when you call for assistance.

If you've thought about outsourcing your IT needs before but never managed to pull the trigger, you should know that Assurity Solutions makes the process as convenient as possible. Everything starts with a free, no-obligation IT consultation that can help you identify gaps in your existing system and opportunities to fix them. If you decide to move forward, your knowledgeable IT expert will design a project plan with clearly-defined timelines and milestones so that you always know exactly what you are paying for. Some other companies promise you everything without putting anything in writing, leaving the actual services you receive up to chance. 

For example, how would your company be affected if you lost internet access for an extended period? What if your company servers crashed? Assurity Solutions can help you draw up a Disaster Recovery Plan (or DRP) that helps you quantify the potential adverse effects on your business and equip you and your employees with the solutions you need to avoid them. While everyone's specific needs will vary, your plan could include the installation of Next Generation End Point Protection to replace your outdated anti-virus software, security training for your entire team, and the installation of email software that hackers won't be able to penetrate. 

Assurity Solutions can also help you encrypt all of your company's electronic data, enabling you to promise your customers that their sensitive payment information is secure with you. Consumers are becoming increasingly technologically savvy, and they will not patronize you if you can't keep their data safe. Assurity Solutions can also conduct regular security audits to ensure that your systems are ready to deal with the ever-changing nature of cyber attacks. 

Your DRP can take other potentialities into consideration as well. For instance, would you say that you were prepared for a global pandemic such as COVID-19? Most people would say that they were not, but a DRP could have helped you manage the crisis more effectively.  

Naturally, Assurity Solutions will also be your go-to contact whenever something isn't working correctly. If you need help installing a new computer network or fixing a cranky machine, IT support will always be just a phone call away. Many competing companies cannot make the same promise, helping Assurity Solutions stand out in a crowded industry. 

If you're ready to get started right now, log on to Assurity.Solutions or contact the company by phone at (813) 689-2085 to speak with a customer service rep who can answer all of your burning questions. You can also read Assurity Solutions reviews on their website and visit them on Facebook for more information. Cybersecurity is no place to compromise. When you work with Assurity Solutions, you are working with the very best!