How Elijah Ross is Making His Impact in the Music Industry with GYW Entertainment


Los Angeles, USA, Sept. 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- There has been a massive influx of artists looking for services to help them grow in today’s music scene. Thankfully, people like Elijah Ross have found a way to help out. Beginning as an artist, Elijah Ross has gained an understanding of an artist’s needs and has formulated his company GYW Entertainment to provide anything and everything essential to growth. With this in place, Ross has been able to excel past many of his peers and become a big name in his niche.

Elijah Ross grew up in Elmont, New York, where he first decided to get into the arts. As an artist, Ross began putting his music out for his friends and family to see. After getting positive feedback, Ross stepped up, taking his craft more seriously and getting involved in shows. Involvement in live shows became a pivotal point for Ross, opening doors to meet many connections. Growing his network exponentially within the industry, Ross used his connections to create GYW Entertainment. 

Elijah Ross takes advantage of the connections and industry knowledge he has gathered over the years to benefit those around him. He began promoting and hosting local shows in his city. In doing this, Elijah Ross’s name began to get around Elmont as the “person to know” if you want to move up in the local music scene.

This reputation would only continue to grow, as Elijah Ross solidified his growing business GYW Entertainment. The company offers a plethora of services, from live show booking to photography and content creation for rising artists. With the variety of services Ross offers, he’s been able to sow seeds and help many artist’s careers while further expanding his network through word of mouth and positive results.

With the wide range of services available and knowledge to back it up, Ross has cultivated an extensive network of creatives that regularly refer him to his next opportunity. With this machine-like system in place, Elijah Ross of GYW Entertainment is well on his way to becoming the next industry mogul out of New York. It seems the sky is the limit for GYW Entertainment, already expanding to work with corporate businesses, nonprofits, and public and private clients.

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