OTTAWA, Sept. 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Investments in a post-COVID-19 economic recovery will either kick start jobs and growth for a cleaner, more resilient economy or lock Canada into a high-pollution future. Today, the Task Force for a Resilient Recovery released its final report, recommending specific measures and investments to help the government of Canada achieve the former.

The Task Force urges Canada’s leaders to learn from the missed opportunities of 2010, when countries made investments coming out of the 2008-09 financial crisis that resulted in a historic global increase in carbon emissions.

The Task Force’s final report recommends $55.4 billion in green recovery investments that will support long-term jobs and economic growth and keep Canada on pace with its international peers.

The independent group of 15 finance, policy, and sustainability leaders launched in May to urgently identify and recommend how government can stimulate an economic recovery from COVID-19 that gets Canadians back to work while supporting Canada’s climate goals.

The final report from the Task Force includes new analysis of international recovery investments, which shows that Canada’s peers are leading the charge towards a recovery built around the massive opportunities of a clean economy and a net-zero emissions future.

The Task Force for a Resilient Recovery makes 22 recommendations for how Canada can stay competitive and prosperous in this global clean economy, including with investments in energy-efficient and climate-resilient buildings, jumpstarting Canada’s production and adoption of zero-emission vehicles, investing in hydrogen and clean energy, and growing the nature economy.

“Drawing on ideas from across Canada and around the world, our recommendations will deliver the safe, clean and long-term economic recovery that Canadians are ready for,” said Richard Florizone, president of the International Institute for Sustainable Development and chair of the Task Force for a Resilient Recovery.

With the release of the final report, the Task Force for a Resilient Recovery is now formally concluded.

A technical briefing on the final report will be held at 11:30am eastern on September 16. Media can register at:

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