MONTREAL, Nov. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dessert Advisor, an online platform connecting foodies and dessert retailers, announces the availability of the biggest Christmas dessert repository in Canada. Concerned with all things sweet or baked, Dessert Advisor has compiled a database of thousands of retailers and dessert items designed to facilitate the search for delicious desserts located close by, connecting retailers across Canada with new clients that would otherwise be unaware of their sweet offerings.

As Canadians prepare for a possible Christmas lockdown, they also find themselves unable to travel, missing out on valuable contact with family members and friends. The social gathering restrictions coupled with the frustrating prospect of yet more isolation and uncertainty mean individuals are having to forfeit a number of holiday traditions. In an attempt to comfort Canadians in times of stress, Dessert Advisor is here to assist Canadians with the tradition of Christmas desserts, one that does not have to fall by the wayside.

The announcement of Dessert Advisor’s Christmas dessert repository comes at a time when individuals need to reduce their shopping time outside of the house. Some people don’t know how to make butter tarts or they’re unaware that the time to start making fruitcakes has already passed. “We normally leave these jobs to older family members who proudly carry the tradition year after year,” says Gil Gruber, Founder of “This year is different, and for the safety of our older relatives, we have to find other ways to satiate our holiday cravings. This is where steps in. With the largest Christmas dessert repository in Canada, it takes the guesswork out and saves you time by connecting you with specific dessert choices and retailers,” he adds.

The Dessert Advisor website maintains a list of over one million desserts across Canada. It is unique in that it offers dessert retailers a complimentary listing of their products, providing them with increased online visibility of the dessert products themselves, not just their shop locations. With just one click, foodies are now able to search for their specific dessert craving and find a local retailer that can satisfy their immediate needs. This ability to bridge the gap between hungry consumers and challenged dessert businesses is one way this site is helping to ease some of the COVID-19 related stress.

Dessert Advisor invites foodies to search for their favourite Christmas dessert based on their dietary requirements, add reviews, and support their local dessert retailers. Dessert retailers are asked to check if their businesses are listed on the site and confirm whether their products are featured under their listing. Retailers are encouraged to upload any of their missing dessert products in order to gain higher exposure.

About Dessert Advisor

Dessert Advisor is a community that bridges the gap between foodies and dessert/baked goods/chocolate/ice cream/snack retailers. With thousands of retailers and over one million dessert items listed on the platform, individuals can search for a specific dessert item and review it after they have tasted it. The Dessert Advisor platform enables dessert retailers to broaden their reach to new clients.

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