Kimberly, Idaho, Jan. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- January 1, 2021, Kimberly, Idaho - - Standlee Premium Products, LLC®., (Standlee) is pleased to  announce the promotion of Scott Plew to President. Plew will work closely with the CEO and Executive  Committee, as he continues to oversee finance, marketing, sales, and procurement to pursue ambitious growth and innovation goals for the company.  

Standlee is a family-owned forage company located in Southern Idaho. Founded in 1981, Standlee grows  and manufactures a wide variety of high-quality forage-based products, including bales, cubes, and  pellets under the Standlee Premium Western Forage® brand. Standlee also manufactures bedding for  many animal species and fortified food for rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small companion animals.  Standlee is the forage leader throughout the United States and sold around the globe.  

Plew joined Standlee in 2015 as the Executive Vice President, and partner. Prior to that, he worked for  11 years at the accounting firm Cooper Norman, where he became the youngest partner in the firm’s  history. Plew cultivated a wide range of skills and expertise related to strategy and business  development, operational improvements, and financial assessment that make strong companies more  successful. His time with Standlee has proven just that, with soaring success in sales, acquisitions, and  leadership growth. 

“We are very pleased to make this announcement; Scott has been a great partner that provides laser  focus to the team as we seek to win every day. He is a great example of our Mission, Vision, and Core  Values that drive our roadmap.” stated Dusty Standlee, CEO. “There is no doubt he will help us expand  our reach and grow our success in the coming years.”

Jessica Wright
Standlee Premium Western Forage