Norsk Hydro ASA: Sales of Shares to Employees

| Source: Norsk Hydro

OSLO, Norway, April 4, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- In connection with the sale of shares to employees of Norsk Hydro ASA (NYSE:NHY), under a general arrangement offered to employees in Norway, 68 percent of the employees entitled to the offer have subscribed, and have been allocated 26 shares each at NOK 223.92 per share. The total number of allocated shares is 235,768. The terms are according to Hydro's share purchase plan for employees in Norway. Norsk Hydro holds 8,400,350 own shares after this transaction.

The following insiders have under the above mentioned scheme each acquired 26 shares:

 President and CEO Eivind Reiten, new holding is 7.613 shares
 Executive Vice President John Ove Ottestad, new holding is 8.210 shares
 Executive Vice President Tore Torvund, new holding is 3.252 shares
 Executive Vice President Thorleif Enger, new holding is 16.864 shares
 Executive Vice President Jon-Harald Nilsen, new holding is 242 shares
 Employee representative to the Board of directors:
 Gudmund Per Olsen, new holding is 817 shares
 Employee representative to the Board of directors:
 Per Wold, new holding is 884 shares
 Employee representative to the Board of directors:
 Odd Semstroem, new holding is 101 shares
 Closely related to Executive Vice President:
 Tore Torvund, Tone Steinseth, new holding is 332 shares

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