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STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Dec. 1, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Gripen for Denmark, "Gripen DK," is the successful fighter aircraft Gripen adapted to fully meet specific Danish requirements. Gripen DK is the response to a Request for Information, RFI, for a replacement of the current fleet of F-16 fighters, issued by the Royal Danish Air Force Air Materiel Command ("Flyvematerielkommandoen").

The Gripen DK is based on the proven C- and D-versions of the Gripen fighter, already in NATO-use, but further enhanced and tailored specifically to suit the needs of the Royal Danish Air Force ("Flyvevabnet"), thus providing the ideal solution for a F-16 replacement.

"When the day has come for Denmark to replace its aging F-16's, we see that Gripen is an excellent replacement as the aircraft is very capable, operationally proven in service and also the most cost-effective solution. Add to this the outstanding level of Industrial Cooperation and high level of Technology Transfer we can offer, and I am certain we have an unbeatable offer!" Johan Lehander, Managing Director for Gripen International, said when the RFI response was delivered yesterday, Wednesday 30 November.

Gripen DK offers the Danish Air Force a number of benefits, including:

 -- A fully NATO interoperable, Net Centric Warfare (NCW) solution, 
    featuring Nordic heritage and common sense
 -- Significantly lower acquisition and operational cost compared with 
    alternative platforms 
 -- Optional early deliveries from 2013 resulting in additional 
    operational cost savings 

 -- Full Swedish Government, Air Force and Industry support

 -- Access to all levels of technology enabling autonomy and increased 
    national security 

 -- A vast range of integrated European and US weapons resulting in 
    less dependencies 
 -- A low risk solution with a funded development program 

 -- An integrated logistics support solution from a proven supplier 
    close to Denmark

 -- Generation of sustainable economic benefits through long term 
    industrial partnerships

Gripen DK -- The common sense solution

Gripen is the first of the new generation, multi-role combat aircraft that has entered service. Using the latest available technology it is capable of performing an extensive range of air-to-air and air-to-surface operational missions and employing the latest weapons. Gripen is designed to meet the demands of current and future threats, while at the same time meeting strict requirements for flight safety, reliability, training efficiency and low operating costs. Gripen is in service with the Swedish and Czech Republic Air Forces and has also been ordered by the South African and Hungarian Air Forces. The UK Empire Test Pilots' School (ETPS) is operating Gripen as its advanced fast jet training platform for test pilots worldwide.

 For further information, please contact:

 Owe Wagermark, Gripen International Communications Director
  Tel: + 46 13 18 18 24, Mobile: +46 734 18 18 24, 
  Fax +46 13 18 00 55, e-mail:

 Anders Annerfalk, Gripen International Communications Manager 
  (Denmark) Tel: + 46 13 18 48 15, Mobile: +46 734 18 48 15, 
  Fax +46 13 18 00 55, e-mail:

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