Nanoforce Completes Refinery Science Corp. Acquisition and Approves 10 for 1 Forward Split

| Source: Nanoforce, Inc.

CLEARWATER, Fla., Dec. 12, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Nanoforce Technologies, Inc. (Pink Sheets:NNFC) has announced that the company has completed the acquisition of Refinery Science Corp. and has approved a 10 for 1 forward split of the Company's stock, which will be effected within the next 30 days.

Refinery Science Corp. ("RSC") is engaged in utilizing nanotechnology in the extraction and refinement of oil reserves that are currently extremely difficult and expensive to process. RSC's unique nanotechnology applications will enable companies to extract low quality crude oil, such as that from shale and sand, in a cost efficient and productive process that can compete head-to-head with light crude refining costs. RSC is poised to capitalize on the evolving oil industry trends and stands to benefit greatly from the application and licensing of its nanotechnology in the increasing demand for and pricing of oil resources.

The Company

Nanoforce, Inc. is a company founded for the research and development of exciting new products integrating the fundamentals of developments in Nanotechnology. This industry is in its infancy phase and provides a wealth of opportunity for companies that have situated themselves well to profit from the burgeoning opportunities provided by nanotech produced products.

Nanotechnology is the art of manipulating materials on an atomic or molecular scale especially to build microscopic devices. Nanotechnology is being utilized in the creation of commercially viable microtechnologies with such varied features including performing microsurgery without the need of invasive scalpel cuts, additives that make suntan lotion water repellant, designing self-repairing cars to creating stain proof fabrics.

This news release contains forward-looking statements regarding Nanoforce's business strategies and future plans of operations. Forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risk and uncertainties. The company's risks and uncertainties include: intense price competition, economic, political and regulatory uncertainties and the need to raise additional capital for growth and expansion. The forward-looking statements contained in this news release speak only as of the date hereof and Nanoforce disclaims any obligation to provide public updates, revisions or amendments to any forward-looking statements made herein to reflect changes in Nanoforce's expectations or future events.

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