A Mafia Daughter's 'Lessons in Lasagna' -- Author Mixes Comfort Food Recipes With Experience That Shaped Her

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TRABUCO CANYON, Calif., April 28, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- Luann Puglisi Kenmore has spent her life cooking, both in the kitchen and out in the world. Her new book is a collection of vignettes about her youth, her acceptance with her Mafia father's disappearance and her realization in her inner strength more than two decades later. Lessons in Lasagna: Ingredient Counseling from a Mafia Daughter (now available through AuthorHouse) is a chronicle of those moments that shaped the author and the homemade recipes that fed her spirit along the way.

"Life, like lasagna, is made up of many layers," Kenmore writes. The choices she has made throughout a tumultuous yet fulfilling life are the ingredients for her own "lasagna," and she shares many of her experiences with candor and humor. No matter what "ingredients" a person chooses or the aspects of themselves they decide to change, they are still the same person. They are still, under all the layers, the same dish: lasagna.

In this mix of recipes and memories, Kenmore writes about her father's deep entanglements with the Colombo crime family, the day he disappeared forever and her residual attempt to accept and adjust. She writes of her friends and loved ones, as well as those who hurt her, but also helped her grow. From the paralyzing fear of hiding from mobsters in the linen closet to her coming-of-age summers in the Hamptons, these fascinating stories teach lessons and present delicious dishes to nurture other souls on a path to healing.

A project that evolved from Kenmore's own personal journey to find herself, Lessons in Lasagna is a heartfelt account of one woman's struggle for identity and an inspiring walk with her through her memories.

Kenmore's support structure has been a combination of cooking and writing. "One is a life line, the other a life source," she writes. Reconstructing some haunting realizations of a life she observed with outward sight, she now uses her memories returned to her through this journey of food and words to gain inward sight.

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