Nanoforce Subsidiary, Refinery Science Corp., Announces Positive Results of Proprietary Nano-Cat Material

| Source: Nanoforce, Inc.

EL PASO, Texas, May 17, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- Nanoforce, Inc. (Pink Sheets:NNFC), a developer of nano-materials, new refining processes, and equipment for use in alternative and existing energy sector technologies, announced the successful results of independent testing on Refinery Science Corp.'s proprietary Nano-Cat(tm) product. The Upgrading tests, on samples of Cold Lake Bitumen, were carried out using Nano-Cat in a Refinery Science Corp. special-purpose reactor.

Nanotechnology is fundamentally changing the way materials and devices are produced. Nanoforce, Inc. has developed the ability to synthesize nano-scale building blocks with precisely controlled size and composition that can then be assembled into larger structures with unique properties and functions. The patent protected and proprietary materials, used in Nano-Cat, are composed of self-assembling catalytic materials, only one molecule thick.

Refinery Science Corp. is developing a radical new reactor to use Nano-Cat for upgrading the abundant Extra Heavy Crude, Heavy Crude, and Residual Bottoms found in North America. The reactor is designed to improve on traditional upgrading methods by optimizing the interaction of the crude oil and Nano-Cat. It is projected to sharply reduce upgrading costs by achieving higher conversion rates at lower temperatures and pressures. In addition, contaminants such as sulfur, nitrogen, and heavy metals are greatly reduced.

Oil density is expressed in degrees of API gravity, a standard of the American Petroleum Institute. When it is removed from the ground, bitumen has an API of approximately 9. It must be upgraded to at least 19 API before it can be pipelined to centrally located facilities for further refinement. In-situ production from oil sands produces a product similar to Cold Lake Bitumen.

The tests covered a range of process temperatures and catalyst concentrations in order to explore the broad effects of catalyst performance. Samples of liquid, solid, and gas products were collected and analyzed by an independent laboratory.

Results from laboratory testing on Cold Lake Bitumen show an increase of API from 9 to over 22 API in a single pass through simple, low pressure, catalytic process using Nano-Cat. In addition the results confirm that the required API upgrading of the raw bitumen sample can be achieved with very modest amounts of catalyst.

Dr. Edward Hauptmann, Director of Engineering at Refinery Science, Corp. said "The results indicate Nano-Cat is highly efficient as an upgrading catalyst for bitumen, and shows great promise for integration into SAGD wellhead installations, as well as more traditional refinery upgrading processes."

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Nanoforce is engaged in the research, development, acquisition and commercialization of advanced materials science products and processes including nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is the science of building and manipulating materials, devices and processes on the scale of atoms and molecules (one billionth of a meter). According to market research, it is estimated that worldwide revenues from products using nanotechnology will increase to $2.6 trillion in 2014, equal to about 15% of global manufacturing output, from $13 billion in 2004 (Lux Research). Nanoforce is taking advantage of rapid innovation in materials science to meet critical needs in growing industry sectors including petroleum refining and biodiesel production. For more information, please visit

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Refinery Science Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Nanoforce, is a material science-based petroleum technology business. The company intends to apply the benefits of its latest developments in material science and nanotechnology to provide solutions to issues associated with the production and transportation of extra heavy crude, and increase profits from refining heavy crude and residual bottoms. The Company's unique nano-materials may enable companies to profitably refine low quality crude oil, such as that from shale and oil sands that are difficult and expensive to process. For more information please visit

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Energy Farms, a subsidiary of Nanoforce, is a developer of alternative energy solutions. The Company has developed a commercialization plan that incorporates the sale of Energy Farm Franchise Units that will produce clean transportation fuels, biodiesel, electricity, and fresh water from otherwise unusable land, sunlight, and brackish water using patented and patent pending advanced materials and processes. These farms will be designed to convert low value resources into high value products using an environmentally conscious "closed loop" production system.

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