Nanoforce Wholly Owned Subsidiary, Refinery Science Corp., Completes Co-Operative Development Agreement with New Mexico's Bi-National Sustainability Laboratory

| Source: Nanoforce, Inc.

EL PASO, Texas, July 26, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- Nanoforce, Inc. (Pink Sheets:NNFC), a developer of nano-materials, new refining processes, and equipment for use in alternative and existing energy sector technologies, announces the signing of a co-operative development agreement between subsidiary Refinery Science Corp., a Texas corporation and the Bi-National Sustainability Laboratory (BNSL), a non-profit corporation with offices in New Mexico.

Under the terms of the agreement the BNSL has agreed to provide Refinery Science with warehouse space, offices, and funding to be used for the continued development and demonstration of their nano-catalyst oil refining technology product line.

"This agreement poses a great fit for both organizations. Refinery Science will use the facilities for scaling up its existing technology for commercial applications," says David Rendina; CEO, Nanoforce, Inc.

The Bi-National Sustainability Laboratory uses various strategies such as: applied research and development; technology, product, and prototype development and testing; as well as business planning, mentoring and training to assist emerging technologies to create and implement economic development efforts within the U.S.-Mexico border region.

"As an organization that has a mission to build, advance, and expand technology-based businesses on the border region, our partnership with Refinery Science fits perfectly with that mission. We anticipate a long-term, successful partnership that will result in beneficial new technologies and sustained economic growth for our region," says Dr. Paul Maxwell, Executive Director & CEO, BNSL

About Nanoforce, Inc.

Nanoforce is engaged in the research, development, acquisition and commercialization of advanced materials science products and processes including nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is the science of building and manipulating materials, devices and processes on the scale of atoms and molecules (one billionth of a meter). According to market research, it is estimated that worldwide revenues from products using nanotechnology will increase to $2.6 trillion in 2014, equal to about 15% of global manufacturing output, from $13 billion in 2004 (Lux Research). Nanoforce is taking advantage of rapid innovation in materials science to meet critical needs in growing industry sectors including, petroleum refining and bio-diesel production.

About Refinery Science Corp.

Refinery Science Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Nanoforce, is a material science-based petroleum technology business. The company intends to apply the benefits of its latest developments in material science and nanotechnology to provide solutions to issues associated with the production and transportation of extra heavy crude, and increase profits from refining heavy crude and residual bottoms. The Company's unique nano-materials may enable companies to profitably refine low quality crude oil, such as that from shale and oil sands that are difficult and expensive to process.

About Clemco Industries Inc.

Clemco Industries Inc., a subsidiary of Nanoforce, is a Canadian corporation that provides bio-remediation and ancillary services to food sector establishments, with established clients and annual revenues in excess of $1 million. Clemco produces a proprietary group of micro-organisms and employs them in a unique business system that enables clients to comply with legal wastewater management requirements.

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