DJ THEO Releases NYC MIXX 9/12/2006

| Source: DJ Theo

NEW YORK, Aug. 21, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- DJ THEO (Theo Pisani) spins music so hot that Jenna Jameson, LL Cool J, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton and Tommy Lee are regular guests at his Hamptons clubs. Capturing the distinct New York sound, THEO releases NYC MIXX (UBL Music), a 2xCD compilation of New York's biggest "underground" club hits. The tracks on NYC MIXX are played-out by Roger Sanchez, Deep Dish, Danny Tenaglia, Erick Morillo, Paul Oakenfold and Tiesto. Says THEO, "These are big, underground records. Tracks for the real dance fan, tracks you hear in the clubs but don't hear on the radio."

From the catchy electro riff of Outwork featuring Mr. Gee's "Elektro" to the boingy synths and machine-gun percussion of Paul Woodford presents Bobby Peru's "Erotic Discourse," and from the menacing tribal drums of Danny Tenaglia's "Dibiza" to the melancholy piano of Tiefschwarz featuring Tracey Thorn (from Everything But The Girl)'s "Damage," this mix delivers. Uplifting, soaring diva-vocals appear on Deux's "Sun Rising Up," Blaze featuring Barbara Tucker's "Most Precious Love" (Ian Carey Remix), and Mischa Daniels' "Take Me Higher," a counterpoint to the hard-edged techno, tribal house and progressive trance.

A radio DJ for WLIR and Party 105 -- two of dance music's most influential radio stations -- THEO has a finely tuned ear. As a club DJ, Long Island is THEO's turf and he spins at Neptune's Beach Club (where he holds an 11-year residency and plays nine-hour sets to a packed 3,000-person dancefloor), Amber/Brazil (the club he co-owns), Posh in the Garden City Hotel, and superclub Pacha in Manhattan. Outside of New York, THEO DJs at Ice in Las Vegas and Roxy in Boston.

NYC MIXX is the first in a series from UBL Music. Says Geoffrey Colon, marketing director of UBL Music, "When selling something to the whole country, you miss many portions. We thought it'd be interesting to reflect what's happening in each particular city. You lose the local flavor if you homogenize too much."

 CD1:                                 CD2:

  1. Solid Groove -- This Is Sick     1. Alex Stealthey -- Something
  2. Outwork feat. Mr. Gee -- Elektro       Is Wrong
  3. Principato & Darius -- Snowboard 2. Kult of Krameria -- Pure Reality
  4. Cirez D -- Knockout              3. Eyerer & Chopstick -- She Loves It
  5. Deux -- Sun Rising Up            4. Rick Pier O'Neil -- Own Life
  6. Mischa Daniels -- Take Me Higher 5. Danny Tenaglia -- Dibiza
  7. Starkillers -- Diskoteka         6. Paul Woodford pres. Bobby
  8. Phunk-A-Delic -- Rockin'              Peru -- Erotic Discourse
  9. Paul Bingham -- Buzz             7. Terranova & Austin Leeds feat.
 10. Blaze feat. Barbara                   Gina Martina -- Shake Me
      Tucker -- Most Precious         8. Ashkan Fardost -- Arise
      Love (Ian Carey Remix)          9. Abel Ramos -- Electro Fun
 11. Julien Jabre -- Swimming Places 10. Randy Katana -- Pleasure Island
 12. Tiefschwarz feat. Tracey        11. Kris Menace -- Voyage
      Thorn -- Damage                12. Last Rhythm -- Last Rhythm
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