2 Life 18 Foundation Continues Relief Efforts for Hurricane Katrina Victims

| Source: 2 Life 18

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 28, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- The 2 Life 18 Foundation, Inc. (www.2Life18.org), formed in the days after the Katrina devastation to aid in first-responder relief efforts, today marked several milestones achieved in its efforts to aid Hurricane Katrina victims. While the foundation, its partners and volunteers have accomplished much in the last year, the foundation continues to offer critical support to families and individuals affected by Hurricane Katrina, primarily assisting with housing, job, transportation and educational needs.

"We are grateful to all of our volunteers and partners for helping the foundation fulfill its mission and achieve, in less than a year, so many remarkable milestones. We ask that individuals and business leaders support these ongoing efforts in any way they can through the organization of their choice," said David Perez, founder of the 2 Life 18 Foundation and CEO of Surge Global Energy (OTCBB:SRGG).

The milestones achieved by the foundation, its partners and volunteers include:

 -- Mr. Perez and the foundation recently purchased a home in Baton
    Rouge, LA for two displaced families who lost their homes in New
 -- Airlifted over 384 people from the Gulf States, airlifting them to
    California, New York, Nevada, Maine, Texas, Washington D.C. and
    Washington on a chartered DC9 and 22 donated corporate jet flights
    and two rescue helicopters.
     - Rescued 126 people from the Gulf States into San Diego.
     - They arrived on either on a chartered 737, 727, DC9 and on
       donated corporate jet flights.
 -- Partnered with local charities (American Red Cross, Jewish Family
    Services and the Salvation Army) to feed, cloth and shelter
 -- Organized 74 airlift missions into the Gulf States full with
    507 Tons (1,014,000 lbs) of food, water and medical supplies:
     - 120 Tons (240,000 lbs) by Air;
     - 387 Tons (774,000 lbs) by Ground including;
       - Two Barges with 48 Trailers of vital water and food to
         St. Bernard Parrish of New Orleans.
 -- Mr. Perez spent over $500,000 of his own money and raised an
    additional $220,000 from his family and close friends.
 -- Secured and delivered to Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas over
    $25 million dollars of donated goods and services including water,
    food, medicine, clothing, insulin, private jets, buses, hotel
    rooms, power generators, mobile catering kitchens, RV's,
    batteries, flashlights and temporary shelter.
 -- State officials and faith-based leaders reported that David Perez
    and his team delivered more aid in the first 10 days than FEMA and
    the Louisiana American Red Cross combined.
 -- With the assistance of local volunteers and the generosity of
    local Southern California small businesses, the foundation secured
    250 homes, 24 cars, and over 210 jobs for evacuees.

About 2 Life 18 Foundation, Inc.

David Perez, CEO of San Diego-based Surge Global Energy (www.SurgeGlobalEnergy.com) and founder of the 2 Life 18 Foundation in the days following the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, believes that Americans have a moral imperative to be prepared to respond immediately to the needs of their fellow citizens -- particularly if the government is ever caught off guard again. The foundation will continue in the tradition of the Katrina Relief Effort and provide a coordinated, private sector-based "first response" effort in times of national emergencies, ideally partnering with existing governmental and relief agencies in order to provide urgently needed evacuation, food, counseling, housing, financial aid and medicine, and to continue to extend dignity and help to victims as they rebuild their lives following catastrophic disasters. The 2 Life 18 Foundation will support causes focused on saving lives and uplifting humanity. For more information, interested parties can visit www.2Life18.org

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