Entertainment Lab is Thrilled to Announce 'Hyenas' the Movie Has Entered Into Its Pre-Production Stage

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WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Oct. 13, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- The eerie Hyenas laughter grows ever so stronger on this day in October, Friday the 13th 2006. "Hyenas" the movie was born under the screenplay by Eric Weston. Eric Weston brought the screenplay to Jim Morris and Ron Bard to help fund and take the reigns of this project to a whole new level.

"Hyenas" the movie is an urban legend detailing accounts of human encounters and attacks by a sub-culture of predatory cryptohuman Hyenas. These shape-shifting human-like creatures prowl the rural back roads and forests of North America and have long been thought to exist by Cryptozoologists. Folklore and sightings persist even as mainstream science denies their existence. But these fierce creatures with bone crushing jaws and an appetite for human flesh are real and live up to the fierce reputation of their cousin, the African Spotted Hyena. A dozen snarling, fighting crypto Hyenas can devour an adult human -- skeleton and flesh -- in a matter of minutes.

"Hyenas" the movie stars Costas Mandylor, Derrick Kosinski, and Sean "Hollywood" Hamilton.

"Hyenas" the movie has already been discovered by the Internet community. Hyenas has a MySpace community with over 4,300 friends and the web site is reported to have received thousands of visitors from all over the world. The web site can be found at: www.hyenasmovie.com and the web community can be found at: www.myspace.com/hyenasmovie.

About the Executive Producers:

Jim Morris is a successful investment banker who is now taking his finance and marketing background into the entertainment world with his first movie production.

Ron Bard is an internationally renowned psychic. Known for consulting some of the top CEOs and celebrities from around the world. He is taking his experience and Vision to help produce this movie.

About the Writer and Director:

Critically acclaimed writer / director Eric Weston, known for the classic horror film "Evilspeak" takes his movie making experience to create this new cult horror movie.

About Entertainment Dome:

Entertainment Dome, with its offices on the heart of Sunset Boulevard, is a joint venture between Jim Morris, Ron Bard, and Eric Weston. This production company is well on its way to producing a library of movies.

About Entertainment Lab:

Entertainment Lab is an Entertainment Holdings Company with subsidiaries that provide business development, brand awareness, and financing to leading Entertainment Industry People as well as Corporations. Our Web Site is located at: http://www.EntertainmentLab.com

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