AuGRID's Focus Remains On Acquisitions and Plasmas

| Source: AuGRID Corporation

VINELAND, N.J., Nov. 3, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- AuGRID announces that it has set the required deposit for its custom Optipure monitors and is working diligently on expediting the e-commerce development to initiate the sale of the Optipure brand units.

In addition and at the advice of company management and its business advisors and based on its reorganization efforts, AuGRID's Board of Directors has voted to immediately withdraw the following information from its business ventures: Windham Resources, Alysium Corporation, Pro PTC, Barons Capital, armour plating, nanotechnology and thin cathode ray tube. The primary reason for this action is to allow the company to harness all its resources toward completing the recently announced acquisitions, both domestic and abroad, as well as aggressively pursue the rapid development of the Optipure TV division.

CEO M.J. Shaheed stated, "We regret having to abandon what we still believe are excellent growth industries. However, in light of the exciting opportunities recently made available to us and with the burgeoning growth of the plasma tv market, we feel it is in the company's best interest to channel all our efforts directly at achieving our immediate objectives. We stand now, with even further resolve to deliver a viable emerging growth company to our loyal shareholders in 2007."

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