POINT ROBERTS, WA and DELTA, BC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 11, 2007 -- www.OilandGasStockNews.com (OGSN), an investor and industry news portal within the InvestorIdeas.com content umbrella for the oil and gas sector, presents timely exclusive energy commentary in a recent column "An Unconventional Energy Player in the Driver's Seat" as part of the regular 'Insiders Corner' column by Michael Brush. As the energy sector experiences sell offs and bear sentiment, the column examines the driving factors such as weather, global demand and tensions in the Middle East playing a role in reversing the trend.

Michael Brush, author of "Lessons From the Front Line," is an award-winning financial writer that writes a weekly market column for MSN Money as well as the 'Insiders Corner' for InvestorIdeas.com Mr. Brush has also covered business and investing for the New York Times, Money magazine and the Economist Group.

Column Excerpt

By Michael Brush, 'Insiders Corner' http://www.investorideas.com/insiderscorner/

An Unconventional Energy Player in the Driver's Seat

Panhandle Royalty

Our energy bets are bruised and battered, and it's easy to see why. Investors had big bet on energy stocks, but now that crude oil has fallen 9% this year and 30% since last summer, hedge funds are heading for the exits. Is there any end in sight?

It may be just around the corner. The eerily warm weather in much of the U.S. is about to "turn on a dime," predicts AccuWeather.com forecaster Joe Bastardi.

"Those who think that this winter is going to remain mild are in for a shock," he says. "A week from now, we'll start seeing truly cold air across much of the country, and we expect this change to last." By the end of the month, people in the Northeast will be shoveling out their driveways, and today's mild weather "will be a distant memory," he says.

I wouldn't be surprised. A sharp reversal in the second half of winter can be common when an El Niño pattern causes unusually warm weather in the first half -- the case right now.

The arrival of cold winter weather to the environs of a good portion of the world's energy traders in New York will likely reverse the negative psychology towards the sector -- and put a bid under our energy stocks.

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