ARLINGTON, VA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 16, 2007 -- MyPublicInfo, Inc. (, the leading expert in identity scoring and an innovative provider of identity theft protection services and monitoring solutions for consumers, today released data on potential identity theft threats. Subscribers of IdentitySweep, MyPublicInfo's cutting-edge identity protection and identity scoring technology, found many instances of their personal information openly available on the Web, such as home addresses, phone numbers, and personal e-mail accounts. Many subscribers were horrified to find their entire credit card numbers and Social Security numbers viewable online. MyPublicInfo, Inc. conducted research on data from 26,000 subscribers. A staggering 72% had their full address disclosed online, while 49% found their name and phone number on the Internet. 30% of IdentitySweep subscribers found their e-mail addresses in one or several locations online. 1.5% discovered that their credit card number was exposed, and 9% of the surveyed groups were horrified to find their Social Security number had some evidence of possible manipulation or misuse.

"The outcome of this survey confirms our worst fears. We believe that consumers need to proactively manage their identity to avert identity crimes and crises," explained identity scoring expert Dr. Harold Kraft, CEO and founder of MyPublicInfo. "We knew there was a gap in consumer identity protection that needed to be addressed. Electronic identity theft scams have attained a very high level of sophistication that cannot be cured by pulling a credit report once or twice a year. With IdentitySweep, our clients have their backs covered online, 24/7."

IdentitySweep protects consumer identities in three innovative ways:

1. IdentitySweep includes a leading-edge identity fraud detection technology that scans billions of public records for suspicious activity associated with identity fraud, including attempts to create a synthetic identity, such as combining one person's name with another person's Social Security number. The service analyzes the suspicious activity to provide an identity score, similar to a "risk score," that indicates how much and for how long a consumer's identity has been compromised.

2. IdentitySweep searches Internet newsgroups, search engines, blogs and hundreds of thousands of chat rooms and Web sites looking for personal and financial information. It instantly notifies consumers by e-mail of any suspicious activity related to their personal information before the consumer is victimized. This technology works much faster than a typical credit fraud and credit report monitoring services, which can only alert a consumer after they become a victim.

3. IdentitySweep scans the online directories that list a consumer's information and requests removal of that information to prevent abuse by telemarketers and identity thieves.

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