TDVision Systems, Inc. Introduces Alterspace

The Immersive Alternate Reality Environment for Your Home and Business

| Source: TDVision Systems, Inc.

HINSDALE, Ill., Feb. 22, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- TDVision Systems, Inc. presents the Alterspace, a software application that allows users to create their own interactive environment, where they can work, play, watch 3D content, surf the Internet and videoconference, all in true 3D enabled by TDVision's technology.

The Alterspace showcases the TDVSDK and true 3D emulation capabilities. The technology can be applied to entertainment, education, demonstrations, training sessions, product development, architecture and industrial design. In this immersive environment, the user can explore computer-generated worlds, define travel paths for automated viewing and queue up 3D videos running inside the 3D Alterspace environment. The Alterspace can be viewed in High Definition with TDVisor and a TDVReady computer.

"The TDVisor allows the user to view content in true 3D High Definition emulation, just like in real life," said Manuel Gutierrez, founder of TDVision System's, Inc. "Unlike other 3D platforms, TDVision's technology has no adverse side effects or restrictions as it is a true 3D, High Definition, portable, multipurpose and compatible technology."

By providing a completely new infrastructure, the Alterspace can dramatically change the way people work, play and interact.

"Anything the mind can conceive, the user can experience in true 3D. TDVision takes over the user's eyes and makes them feel as though they were in another land," said Ethan Schur, director of Product Marketing of TDVision Systems, Inc.

Users can upload and download stereoscopic content, 3D environments, animations and other TDVision-compatible formatted content to share with other users around the world from the website. For more information about TDVision and the Alterspace, please visit or

TDVision Systems, Inc. is the owner of several 3D-related patents for proprietary system architectures, which will propel a media breakthrough by providing true 3D through means of this new digital technology. This technology allows the acquiring, emulation and processing of a 3D image from a video stream or computer-generated image. The architecture also allows the use of current existing infrastructures, and with the addition of TDVision's TDVisor, enables true 3D.

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