SHARON, PA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 20, 2007 -- NanoLogix, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: NNLX) announced today that the company is exhibiting both their Hydrogen Bioreactor Technology and Hydrogen Engine Conversions at the 2007 National Hydrogen Association Annual Conference in San Antonio

Senior Vice President William Hartman of NanoLogix and David Hartman, the Chief Engineer and President of NanoLogix's hydrogen engine conversion partner, Precision Performance Company, will be in Booth #146 March 20th and 21st. In addition, Research Paper #3306 "Microbial Production of Hydrogen from Sugar-rich Wastewater" by Gannon University Associate Professor Dr. Harry Diz will be presented. Dr. Diz has managed research at NanoLogix pilot hydrogen bioreactor at Welch's Grape Juice Factory. The research paper documents the results achieved. Dr. Diz concludes in the paper "Hydrogen production was sustained over more than six months of operation while methane production was controlled and limited. This experience confirmed the ability to maintain a hydrogen-generating culture in an industrial setting over an extended period of time."

Dana Allen, Vice President of Strategic Partnering for NanoLogix, stated, "The advantage NanoLogix has in hydrogen production is that unlike conventional hydrogen production that requires the wasteful use of natural gas or electricity, our bioreactor actually creates energy (hydrogen) out of wastewater. It not only produces hydrogen as a renewable source of energy, it also cleans the water. Hydrogen is known as a wonderful and environmentally friendly fuel to use, which it is, the problem is how to create it, energy density, storage and transportation. The patented NanoLogix bioreactor shows great promise to solve the remaining problems. By producing from wastewater (generally a free feedstock) and immediately converting it to electrical, mechanical or heat power on site, all these issues are covered. The existing highly efficient electrical grid becomes the method of transportation when the power generated exceeds local demand. We look forward to large scale implementation of this technology."

This year, for the first time Hydrogen Expo US features a Hydrogen-from-Renewables Pavilion with four exhibitors: NanoLogix, Powertech Labs, Ecotality and Sandia National Laboratories. "We expect this pavilion to grow in future years," commented an Expo official. "Additionally, exhibitors such as Ballard or Proton Power Systems, whose products integrate easily with renewable energy technologies, will have individual displays," as noted in an article (link:

NanoLogix hydrogen engine conversions have been well received in the market with sales in the first month of availability. Current prices range from $1,100 for a Briggs&Stratton 7.5 HP engine to $2,200 for 5.5 KW generator with a Briggs&Stratton 10 HP engine. These prices include hydrogen regulators and hose. A video of a Hydrogen engine conversion running and a WICU-TV news program on NanoLogix Bioreactor pilot plant are available for viewing on Nanologix website at The engine conversion video will be updated later with a professional video.

About NanoLogix, Inc.

NanoLogix is an industry innovator in the research, development, and commercialization of nano-biotechnologies, applications and processes. The Company has developed and owns or has rights to 32 patents related to various medical technologies, 5 of which also have hydrogen-generation aspects. In the past year the Company has filed an additional 28 patent applications for discoveries related to hydrogen bioreactors, medical testing, and innovative medical treatments potentially related to leukemia and sepsis. NanoLogix is presently operating a hydrogen bioreactor at Welch's Food and has recently signed an agreement with the City of Erie Wastewater Treatment Plant for a prototype bioreactor installation. While much of the Company's current focus is on the production of hydrogen from agricultural feedstock, industrial wastewater and municipal waste streams in an effort to meet the need for economic sources of clean fuel, the medical heritage of the Company has not been neglected. NanoLogix-developed patents are used to design and market diagnostic test kits for use in early detection of the bacteria present in infectious and noninfectious human diseases such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, HIV/AIDS, cancer, and cystic fibrosis. The company also owns a patent for the non-toxic induction of apoptosis ('cell suicide') for the treatment of cancer. For more information on the Company, visit

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