TDVision Systems Announces Stereo 3D Integration for Sun Microsystems Project Looking Glass

| Source: TDVision Systems, Inc.

HINSDALE, Ill., May 8, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- TDVision Systems, Inc., the leader in design and development of 3D digital infrastructures and visualization systems, is proud to announce the enabling of an immersive stereo 3D experience for Sun Microsystem's open-source Project Looking Glass.

"Sun is pleased to collaborate with TDVision to enable an industry leading stereo 3D experience for Project Looking Glass. 3D visualization presents the unique opportunity to enhance user interface and create a new immersive experience for the emerging 3D Web," said Bernard Traversat, Director, Advanced Development, Sun Microsystems Inc.

TDVision gives the user an experience of truly being present inside the environment. This environment will recreate an office where spreadsheets can be opened in floating windows at the push of a button; where colleagues from across the world can meet you for a morning meeting, where the environment resembles real life to such a degree that productivity is enhanced by an altered reality.

"The trends are changing, what we are seeing here is a new server architecture where very many users from all around the world can communicate in a 3D space," said Ethan Schur, Director of Product Marketing at TDVision.

Project Looking Glass, TDVision's own AlterSpace as well as 3D movies and games can be viewed on TDVision's 3D Visor, the TDVisor which runs at resolutions of SVGA and up.

"TDVision is a firm believer and supporter of this 3D GUI. These systems are the future of interactivity and natural workflow. Now that we have embedded our technology into Java3D and Project Looking Glass we can realize the one expected dream of having an alternative space to work and interact. Many of the features we provide in our TDVSDK were ported to Java3D and the results are unbelievable," said Manuel Gutierrez, CEO and President of TDVision Systems.

TDVision Systems, Inc. is the owner of several 3D-related patents for proprietary system architectures, which will propel a media breakthrough by providing true 3D through means of this new digital technology. This technology allows the acquiring, emulation and processing of a 3D image from a video stream or computer-generated image. The architecture also allows the use of current existing infrastructures, and with the addition of TDVision's hardware, enables true 3D in High Definition.

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