CRT Less Lethal Incorporated Conducts Round 2 of TASER International and Stinger Stun Systems Side-by-Side Human Effects Study

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SEATTLE, Aug. 6, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- CRT Less Lethal has conducted a second round of tests, this time comparing the TASER International, Inc. TASER X26(r) against the Stinger Stun Systems, Inc. Model S-200(tm) Stun Gun.

Eight volunteers from a variety of backgrounds were exposed to both law enforcement grade devices. In this test the volunteers were given a goal, to aggressively attack a sparring bag seven feet away while experiencing the effects of the device. The results were very convincing since eight of eight volunteers were able to fight through the discomfort of the Stinger S-200 Stun Device and deliver an attack. All eight volunteers were incapacitated by the TASER X26 and were not able to complete the task. This test was performed under controlled conditions, in adherence with ECD testing protocol. Volunteers were sequestered prior to their tests. The devices were concealed from the volunteers prior to and during the testing so that they did not know which device was active during their test sessions. An aggressive attack scenario was used since it closely approximates the conditions under which an electronic control device is most commonly used by Law Enforcement.

Additional testing and evaluation was conducted consistent with protocols set forth by the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Those areas included evaluation of effective range, decontamination or aftercare, consistency, accuracy, and user features. The Stinger S-200 device showed significant improvement in many areas over four dart model tested in 2006. However, with a significant disparity in effectiveness, the other comparison points were less significant to the end user. "The number one concern of law enforcement officers in the field is that their tools work when they need them," said Chris Myers of CRT Less Lethal Inc. "Focused attackers have repeatedly demonstrated that they can fight through pain alone."

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