MONTGOMERY, IL--(Marketwire - October 23, 2007) - Testing just completed by Apptec Laboratories, Marietta, GA, an FDA Registered/ISO Certified Laboratory, has proven that BT-100 is >99.95% effective in killing MRSA. BT-100 is a biodegradable cleaning and sanitizing agent. Note: BT-100 does not as yet have EPA/FIFRA registration therefore sanitizing claims cannot be made.

The recent escalating world increase in the spread of MRSA by surface contact has led Cleaning & Sanitizing Solutions, LLC to retain the services of FDA Registered/ISO certified Apptec Laboratories, Marietta, Georgia to test their BT-100 and BT-1OOR formulations for their ability to surface kill MRSA. Test results provided evidence that both, BT-100 and BT-100R, will provide >99.95% surface kill of MRSA, with potential residual surface protection as well.

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