Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation Assists in Remedy of Critical Shortage of Medical Isotopes

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KENNEWICK, Wash., Dec. 10, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation (AMIC) (Other OTC: ADMD) is actively responding to the December 6, 2007 New York Times article, "Reactor Shutdown Causing Medical Isotope Shortage" by accelerating its launching of Compact Generator systems and proprietary technology devices and intellectual properties to remedy future shortages.

Medical treatments are being delayed, deferred, or outright cancelled at hospitals worldwide due to the extended shutdown of a Canadian reactor that produces medical isotopes.

The reactor is North America's major source of the base isotope for Technetium-99m, the senior workhorse of modern medical diagnostic systems. This reactor supplies approximately 80% of the world's supply of Molybdenum-99, the isotope that breaks down into Technetium-99m. This isotope is injected into patients 20 million times a year in the United States to create images used in the diagnosis and treatment of a multitude of major illnesses including heart ailments, various cancers, and gallbladder problems.

Isotopes created at the Canadian reactor decay rapidly, and therefore cannot be stockpiled and kept in inventory. This is leading to shortages of the material at medical centers, pointing towards a medical disaster of great proportions. The Canadian press has reported that the reactor will not be back into full production until at least February of 2008, thereby creating havoc with any individual needing diagnostic imaging.

Dr. Robert Schenter, AMIC's Chief Science Officer, says, "Patients are the ones being harmed! How can 20 million procedures a year -- in the United States alone -- allow our leaders to rely on an aging, foreign production nuclear reactor, as well as the major issue of allowing the transport of radioactive materials across the border when it can literally mean the difference between life and death?"

Advanced Medical Isotope is developing and implementing devices to produce these sought after and highly valuable short lived as well as longer lived isotopes by methods not previously executed, using production practices modified so that the citizenry of the United States will not have to rely on foreign nuclear reactors and producers. The company is finalizing agreements with two Universities to further production capabilities addressing the need for domestic production.

The Kennewick, Washington linear accelerator is expected to be fully operational and delivering isotopes in March, 2008.

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Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation is engaged in the development of advanced production systems and processes for bringing previously unavailable medical isotopes to the marketplace and advancing systems for local product production. The field of nuclear medicine has routinely utilized radiosisotopes in the diagnosis of disease while new processes are being pioneered for the targeted treatment of diseases such as cancer in preference to surgical techniques. Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation products support the accessibility to these less invasive therapeutic processes by advancing systems for lower cost production and improving supply availability of medical isotopes to hospitals and clinical treatment centers. For more information, please visit

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