Wall Street Reporter Serves Up Exclusive Interviews With CEOs of ETELCHARGE.com, Star Bulk Carriers Corp., and ICS Copper Systems Ltd.

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NEW YORK, Dec. 19, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- From innovation to M&A to the drill bit, the CEOs of ETELCHARGE.com (OTCBB:ETLC), Star Bulk Carriers Corp. (Nasdaq:SBLK), and ICS Copper Systems Ltd. (TSX-V:ICX) recently shared their strategies for growth with Wall Street Reporter. All three interviews can be listened to or downloaded at www. WallStreetReporter.com.

With the first Web 2.0 payment application on tap, ETELCHARGE.com (OTCBB:ETLC) has built a proprietary way to route online transactions to a home phone bill, bypassing the need for either credit card or banking accounts, says CEO Robert Howe. "We believe we've cracked the code," he tells WSR. "There are 20 million families in the United States who don't have a general purpose credit card."

Highlights of the interview:

 --   Details on how the company's software securely bridges the gap
      between online shopping and telecom billing systems.

 --   Initial success in working with AT&T as a flagship partner.

 --   Additional benefits the technology offers wireline telecom
      companies and identity theft-wary consumers, as well as unbanked

Growth for Star Bulk Carrier Corp. (Nasdaq:SBLK) won't stop after it accepts delivery of its ninth dry bulk vessel a few years from now, says CEO Akis Tsirigakis. "All told, there is plenty of dry powder, to the tune of $550 million plus, that can be used to expand the company."

Highlights of the interview:

 --   The recent conversion of one ship's charter to a five-year period
      at a 30% higher effective day rate.

 --   China's continuing hunger for mineral and other commodities.

 --   The company's low debt-to-capital ratio and massive cash

ICS Copper Systems Ltd. (TSX-V:ICX) has reported promising "very initial" drilling results on its flagship Mokambo project, says CEO Graham Alistair Chisholm -- and that's only at the edges of what promises to be a significant primary ore body. "We are very pleased to see grades of copper greater than 3% concentration."

Highlights of the interview:

 --   A timeline of ongoing drilling, with the current program due to
      wind up by late February.

 --   The company's use of a "unique" lightweight drill to avoid
      "getting bogged down in the mud."

 --   Progress toward construction surrounding the site ahead of
      "full-scale production by July 2009."

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Etelcharge is the first Web 2.0 payment application. The company's independent core technology application is able to connect to any carrier, technology, online merchant payment system or geographic location for the use of a growing member base.

About Star Bulk Carriers Corp.

Star Bulk is a global shipping company providing worldwide seaborne transportation solutions in the dry bulk sector. Star Bulk's vessels transport major bulks, which include iron ore, coal and grain and minor bulks such as bauxite, phosphate and steel products.

About ICS Copper Systems Ltd.

ICS Copper Systems Ltd aspires to developing into being a major African mining company centered on the Central African Copper Belt. The company holds various option agreements and greenfield projects in the region.

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