DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - January 24, 2008) - NewMarket Technology, Inc. (OTCBB: NMKT) conducted the Company's Annual Town Hall and first Emerging Market Seminar last week at the Fairmont in Dallas, Texas. Yesterday, the company released a summary of the company's Town Hall meeting (http://biz.yahoo.com/iw/080123/0351959.html), detailing the Company's growth in 2007 approaching $100 million as well as plans for continued 20% organic revenue growth in 2008 augmented by mergers and acquisitions. Today, the Company has posted videos from the Town Hall and the PowerPoint presentations on their corporate website, which are available at http://www.newmarkettechnology.com/media.htm. Additionally, CEO Philip Verges has written a letter to shareholders, included in its entirety below, to further explain the overall theme of last week's meetings, "Higher Purpose and Higher Profit Through Global Small Business Investing."

Dear Fellow Stakeholders:

NewMarket Technology, Inc. conducted its Annual Town Hall meeting last Thursday followed Friday by our first ever Emerging Market Seminar. At the Town Hall, the Company reviewed the company's business strategy, results for 2007 and plans for 2008. The theme of both the Town Hall and the Emerging Market Seminar was NewMarket's commitment to a "Higher Purpose and Higher Profitability." NewMarket is finding profitable opportunity and creating jobs in some of the world's overlooked developing economic regions by delivering technology solutions that facilitate the development of much needed basic infrastructure services such as communications, water and electric power. Relative to NewMarket's approximate $100 million in annual revenue, the Company has established substantial operations in Asia and South America with new business development underway in Africa and the Middle East. As an example, the link below is to a recent article on a NewMarket project in Brazil to establish a broadband wireless network that will facilitate the metering of water and electric utilities in addition to serving as a platform for mobile telephones.


Sustainable Emerging Market Economic Growth and a Counter Recessionary Strategy

NewMarket generates jobs and supports sustainable economic growth in developing economic regions by starting or investing in technology companies indigenous to the developing economic regions where the company has projects. NewMarket's regional operations in China have grown to $27.9 million in revenue and the Latin American Operations have an estimated $16.5 million in revenue as of Q3 2007.

As NewMarket concentrates on growing small technology businesses in global emerging economic regions to include Brazil and China, the Company's message is timely in light of the United States economy's recent recessionary concerns. Emerging market growth remains strong -- China's growth is over 10% per year and Brazil is now the largest economy in Latin America, including Mexico -- while U.S. economic growth slows. Additionally, small businesses have historically outperformed large businesses in challenging economies. Further still, a resurgence of small business investment is often central to turning around a struggling economy.

High Growth from Global Emerging Markets

At the Town Hall meeting, Company management reviewed our growth from less than $1 million in revenue in 2002 to approaching $100 million in profitable revenue in 2007. Top management from Latin America, China, as well as the United States, was all on hand at the meeting. Management attributed the growth to the Company's "Higher Purpose" commitment to bring technology and company investment into the world's emerging and frontier markets. Today, NewMarket has over $50 million in profitable revenue from Asia and Latin America, illustrating how a small business can make a difference profitably by bringing technology, investment and creating jobs in the regions of the world where it is most needed. NewMarket has initiated business development in Africa and the Middle East as well.

High Profit Potential from Emerging Market Investment

Since 2002, NewMarket has increased its shareholder equity from a negligible value to over $50 million, demonstrating how an investment in a "Higher Purpose" can generate a "High Profit" potential. At the Town Hall, management shared lessons learned as a high growth company listed on the public micro-cap market over the past five years and how other small businesses could learn from NewMarket's experience. Management emphasized lessons in progress, such as being one of the first micro-cap companies to create a business plan to regularly dividend stock from independently listed subsidiaries. This is a new structure and not one with examples for our legal team to follow. As evidenced by the Company's increased shareholder equity and dramatic revenue and profit growth, the pursuit of a "Higher Purpose" has been profitable for NewMarket. Nevertheless, the Company currently finds itself with a book value exceeding our market capitalization value. With the Company's price per share not yet aligning to the Company's fundamental financial success, the company's profitable growth has not yet been consistently translated into a realized profit for all NewMarket shareholders. Our graduation from a micro-cap exchange onto a next tier exchange and the issue of stock from an independently listed subsidiary operation through a dividend distribution are high priorities and, we believe, are significant steps toward converting a potential "High Profit" into a realized "High Profit" for all NewMarket shareholders.

It's a Small Business World After All

The majority of the world's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is produced by small businesses, including 50% of the GDP in the United States. The majority of the world's population is employed by small businesses, to include over 50% of jobs in the United States coming from small businesses, not to mention that 80% of new jobs each year in the Unites States come from small businesses. Even though small businesses deliver more economic benefit to the world's population, large businesses dominate the attention of the investment banking and commercial banking markets in addition to dominating the attention of most national government policy makers.

NewMarket and all of its subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide that have made the Company's growth possible are small businesses. Small business will continue to be a core part of NewMarket's continued success. We believe small business should get more attention. Other small businesses in the United States and around the world share that same belief. While NewMarket hosted the first Emerging Market Seminar, the seminar would not have been possible without the contribution of many other small businesses that participated in multiple ways. We are joining up with many of them to help host future seminars focused on business in emerging markets as well as investing in small businesses globally. Look for a website to be launched shortly and look for future events from the group, now calling itself Smallbusinessinc.net.

Town Hall Videos Available on NewMarket Technology Website

The video recordings of our Town Hall are available on our corporate website under Media Center (http://www.newmarkettechnology.com/media.htm). Watch and learn more about the company, our progress and the theme of "Higher Purpose and Higher Profit."

NewMarket is excited about making 2008 a great year and we appreciate your investment.

Thank you,

Philip Verges
CEO & Chairman
NewMarket Technology, Inc.

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About NewMarket Technology, Inc. (www.newmarkettechnology.com)

NewMarket helps clients maintain the delicate balance between maintaining legacy systems and gaining a competitive edge from the latest technology innovations. NewMarket provides certified integration and maintenance services to support the prevailing industry standard solutions such as Microsoft, Cisco Systems, SAP, Siebel and Sun Microsystems. Concurrently, NewMarket continuously seeks to acquire emerging technology assets to incorporate into an overall product portfolio carefully packaged to complement the prevailing industry standard solutions.

NewMarket delivers its portfolio of products and services through its network of Solution Integration subsidiaries in North America and the leading emerging markets around the world to include Latin America, China and Singapore.

NewMarket ranked Number One in Texas, Number Three in the United States and Number Five in North America on Deloitte's 2006 Technology Fast 500, a ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications and life sciences companies in North America. Rankings are based on percentage revenue growth over five years, from 2001-2005. The Company grew from less than $1 million in revenue in 2001 to over $50 million in profitable revenue in 2005. In 2006, the company continued its rapid growth, reporting $77.6 million in revenue with a net income of $5.8 million.


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