TORONTO, Jan. 31, 2008 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Foresters(tm), a leading fraternal benefit society, continues to enhance Lifefirst(1), the level term life insurance product(2) that was developed to serve the needs of its U.S. members and prospective members in the middle market. Lifefirst now features a Return of Premium(3) option and the Disability Income Rider has been expanded to include Accident and Sickness(4), in addition to Accident Only(5) coverage.

"Lifefirst is truly a unique term product that addresses many of the top concerns of middle Americans such as medical emergencies, health care costs and paying for college," said Foresters SVP of North American Sales and Marketing, Christopher Pinkerton. "With this comprehensive product, Foresters offers many competitive advantages over other term products available today. In addition, eligible Lifefirst insureds may have access to Foresters complimentary benefits of membership."

Foresters Lifefirst is a level term life insurance product launched during the summer of 2007, with a suite of feature-rich riders, including a Common Carrier Accidental Death Rider(6) and a first-of-its-kind in the U.S. Family Health Benefit Rider(7) as standard protection features.

"EMI offers our producers a well rounded portfolio from leading carriers such as Foresters," said Wayne Hudgens, President of Executive Marketing Insurers. "With Foresters Lifefirst, our producers can offer their clients an industry first level term life insurance with living benefit options, plus standard protection features at no additional premium."

Comprehensive suite of feature rich riders

Foresters Lifefirst includes competitively priced non-medical and medical underwriting and added features that address the needs of today's middle market, such as:

 * A Common Carrier Accidental Death Rider and first-of-its-kind
   Family Health Benefit Rider that are provided at no additional
   * Common Carrier Accidental Death Rider -- provides a death benefit
     of up to two times the base coverage (to a maximum of $300,000)
     if the insured dies within 90 days of an accidental bodily injury
     that occurred on a common carrier as a fare-paying passenger
   * Family Health Benefit Rider -- provides benefits up to $5,000
     (per family) for the insured and immediate family members who
     have had to be transferred by ambulance to a hospital, visit the
     emergency room or stay in hospital (for up to five days) in the
     Continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii as a result of earthquake,
     typhoon, hurricane, tornado, tsunami, volcanic eruption or
     lightning strike
 * A Critical Illness Rider(8) that provides an accelerated death
   benefit for those experiencing a covered critical illness or
   completed coronary bypass or angioplasty procedures
 * An Accident and Sickness as well as an Accident Only Disability
   Income Rider that provides a monthly income for those who become
   totally disabled

About Executive Marketing Insurers

Executive Marketing Insurers (EMI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Executive Marketing Holding Corporation (EMHC) founded on July 1, 1993. With over 70 years combined in the industry, EMI's two principals, Wayne Hudgens and Larry Noyes, believe that a marketing company should be totally committed to the development of production and the management of that production. EMI operates in 50 states with Regional Directors and home offices in Florida and Texas.

About Foresters

Founded in 1874, Foresters(tm) helps individuals and families achieve financial security with its innovative portfolio of life insurance products and annuities. Foresters has assets of more than $5.7 billion with liabilities of $4.5 billion resulting in a surplus of $1.2 billion (all figures in Canadian dollars as of December 31, 2006) and an "A" (Excellent) rating by A.M. Best*. Foresters shares its financial strength with its members, who are customers, through complimentary life, health and education benefits that help its more than 745,000 eligible members and their families in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Foresters provides opportunities that inspire its members to make a difference in their communities. Foresters Equity Services Inc.** and Foresters Securities (Canada) Inc. are wholly owned subsidiaries of Foresters that offer investment products in the United States and Canada respectively. For more information, please visit

The Foresters logo is available at

Foresters(tm) is a trademark of The Independent Order of Foresters, a fraternal benefit society, 789 Don Mills Road, Toronto, Canada M3C 1T9.

*An "A" (Excellent) rating is assigned to companies that have a strong ability to meet their ongoing obligations to policyholders and have, on balance, excellent balance sheet strength, operating performance and business profile when compared to the standards established by A.M. Best Company. In assigning Foresters rating, A.M. Best stated that Foresters rating outlook is "stable", which means it is unlikely to change in the near future, assuming Foresters financial strength is maintained and operations grow. A.M. Best assigns ratings from A++ to F, A++ being superior ratings and A and A- being excellent ratings.

**Investments offered through Foresters Equity Services, Inc. Member FINRA, SIPC, 6640 Lusk Blvd., Suite A-202, San Diego, CA 92121 T. 858 550 4844, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Independent Order of Foresters.

 (1) The product features described are subject to contract terms,
     state availability and variations.
 (2) This certificate is filed under form number LFEN-US01-2007,
 (3) Return of Premium rider is filed under form number ROP-US01-2007,
 (4) Disability Income Rider is filed under form number DISR-US01-
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 (5) Disability Income (accident only) Rider is filed under form
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 (8) Critical Illness (accelerated death benefit) Rider is filed under
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XX in each of 2 to 8 above refers to the state postal abbreviation where sold.

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