Change in the number of Meda AB shares

As of 31 January 2008, the number of shares in Meda AB is 259,065,485, which
constitutes a 2,386,134 increase in shares compared with the previous month. The
increase is due to newly issued shares via redemption of warrants, exercised
primarily by Stena Sessan Rederi AB. After the warrants redemption, the Stena
Sessan Group's 1) shareholding rose to 67,151,652, which is comparable to 25.9%
of Meda's share capital and votes.
An additional 905,432 new shares can be subscribed for via redemption of
warrants. If fully exercised, the dilution effect of Meda's share capital and
votes is 0.03%. The warrant program ends on 26 February 2008.

1) Stena Sessan Rederi AB and Stena Jutlandica AB

For more information, please contact:

Anders Larnholt, Investor Relations, tel. +46 709 458 878

MEDA AB (publ) is an international specialty pharma company that concentrates on
marketing and market-adapted product development. Acquisitions and long-term
partnerships are fundamental factors that drive the company's strategy. Meda is
represented with own organisations in 26 countries and with more than 1 500
employees within marketing and sales. Meda's products are sold in approximately
120 countries world-wide. The Meda share is listed under Large Cap on the OMX
Nordic Stock Exchange. Find out more, visit