The Administrative Court of Appeal of Sundsvall has in a February 14,
2008, ruling, confirmed the previous decision by the Mining
Inspectorate to grant a number of exploration permits. This overrules
the previous decision by the County Administrative Court after
appeals from the Vapsten Sameby and a local land owner.

The County Court's decision concerning 19 exploration permits, which
has been granted for seven different companies within the area of
Vapsten's sameby, is thereby cancelled. Lappland Goldminers AB holds
10 of these permits.

- The decision by the County Court, to cancel the exploration permits
which were granted by the Mining Inspectorate, has been troublesome
for us as an exploration company, as well as for the other companies
concerned and the industra as a whole. With the ruling by the
Administrative Court of Appeal we are back to a normal situation,
where we can expect to be granted permission to explore, within the
restrictions mandated by the Mineral Law and Environmental
Regulations. As our company is the one affected by most of the
permits and the largest area, we have been the ones coordinating this
matter with assistancve from the other companies. It is a great
relief to now have removed a major source of worry for the entire
Swedish Mining Industry, says Lappland Goldminer CEO, Karl-Åke

Below, press release as of October 4, 2005.

Press release: Lycksele, October 4 2005

Information about appealed exploration permits

The County Administrative Court of Norrbottens ruled in October 4,
2005 to cancel 19 exploration permits granted by the Chief Mine

The Company, who is one of the major actors at Guldlinjen (the Gold
Line), holds 10 of the 19 exploration permits cancelled by County
Administrative Court. This appeal does not effect ur main project at
Fäboliden or any other of our central projects. Our Exploitation
Concession, which cover current deposit, has become legally binding.
Areas effected are Stortjärnhobben, where the Company in a few month
are are planning to apply for at Exploitation Concession, and a
number of new areas where the Company yet haven't spent any
considerable resources. The Company intends to appeal the ruling, and
are mean while, according to the Mining Inspectorate, alloved to
conduct ordinary exploration.

About the Company
Lappland Goldminers AB is an exploration company with the goal of
becoming a producing mining company. The company is listed on the
market place "First North" under the name GOLD, with Mangold
Fondkommision AB as the Certified Advisor, as well as the OTC list of
the Oslo exchange. Lappland Goldminers has secured a number of gold
deposits along the so-called Guldlinjen ("The Gold Line") in
Västerbotten. The Company's strategy is to develop a profitable,
producing gold company with a centrally located processing plant in
Fäboliden, Sweden, and in the Haveri area in Finland, which is
supported by ore from one or several mines either through the
Company's own exploration or alternatively through acquisitions.

The company is a member of  SveMin, the trade association for  mines,
minerals and metal producers in  Sweden (formerly called the  Swedish
Mining Association) and follows  SveMin's reporting rules for  public
mining and exploration companies.
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