WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., Feb. 20, 2008 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- "Return On Engagement (ROE) is a concept that begs the question: Do you want your consumers to be active or passive," according to Mike Valentino, CEO of TMPG Inc., the award winning media promotion company.

"Put another way, do you want to pay X for a 30-second spot passively watched by 2 million prospects; or, for example, a special event, or a web experience ignited by non-traditional radio techniques where 500,000 engage with the brand for seven minutes, then use Word of Mouth (WOM) to pass along their experience?"

Marketers interested in 'Return On Engagement' -- those who want to get prospects actively involved with their products or services to prompt a quick buying decision -- must consider non-traditional radio an essential ingredient in their marketing campaigns, according to Valentino.

Certain product categories -- automobiles, food, consumer electronics, music, etc. -- are a better fit for the 'experiential' option, "but the overriding issue is getting the prospective customer to experience the product -- either via websites or carefully orchestrated special events -- and begin generating positive WOM," Valentino maintains.

"We believe that non-traditional radio is the most powerful and cost-effective way to get the 'conversation' started. As opposed to using radio for paid spot ads, our approach uses the medium as a generator to jump-start a promotion," Valentino explains.

"We'll get a popular DJ or news commentator to talk about a product in a way that comes across more as a personal point of view than an ad, and helps convince the target audience to engage themselves with the brand. As a result, our clients get the best of both worlds -- high ROI and high ROE."

TMPG, founded by Mr. Valentino in 1991, is an award-winning independent media promotion company with a niche in non-traditional radio. Based in White Plains, NY, the firm has an impressive track record of creating innovative, effective campaigns for a host of blue chip clients including Kraft, HBO, BMW and Sara Lee.

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