EOS Russia's net asset value at SEK 84.55 per share as of 6 March 2008, 11:00

As of 6 March 2008, EOS Russia's estimated net asset value amounted to USD 390 m
(SEK 2.381 bln at an exchange rate of SEK/USD 6.099). The net asset value per
share was SEK 84.55.

The net asset value per share has been calculated based on 28,162,734 shares,
the total number of shares in EOS Russia as of 6 March 2008.

The single largest holding in the portfolio was UES, holding a 92.6% share of
the total portfolio. As of 6 March 2008, the UES GDR's market price was USD
113.625. The market value has been calculated by using the mid-market price at
11.00 CET. EOS Russia's net cash position amounted to 0.1% of the net asset

This report has not been subject to review by the company's auditors.

EOS Russia's latest NAV is available on our web site: www.eos-russia.com under
the section -News and press and -NAV Information. The information can be
subscribed to either by email or via RSS-feed. EOS Russia also releases the net
asset value information through a press release once a month.

Stockholm, 6 March 2008
EOS Russia

EOS Russia is an investment company headquartered in Stockholm. The overall
objective of the company is to offer attractive returns via investments in the
Russian utility sector. EOS Russia's shares have been listed on First North, a
marketplace operated by the Stockholm Stock Exchange, since 25 June 2007.

For further information, please contact:
Sven Thorngren, CEO: +46 (0) 8 407 31 50
Ann-Sofi Jönsson, Investor Relations: +46 (0) 8 407 31 50