SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - March 19, 2008) - Flashman Studios, a leading business management firm in the interactive entertainment industry, announced today that it has teamed with Licensing Works, the worldwide licensing agent for MEG's "In My Pocket™" intellectual property (IP), to license the property for videogames. Licensing Works manages rights for MEG, a product development, manufacturing and licensing company specializing in children's character lines, toys and licenses. Licensing Works is working with Flashman Studios to look for a videogame publisher to partner on all future "In My Pocket" videogames.

"Flashman, an industry veteran with comprehensive connections and a proven track record, will be tremendously valuable in exposing opportunities for the 'In My Pocket' IP," said Leslie Levine, President of Licensing Works. "Previous experience with Flashman on other IPs proved their expertise in the interactive space and will be invaluable in paving the way for the millions of 'In My Pocket' fans worldwide to interact with their favorite characters in a whole new way."

"In My Pocket" is the popular series of collectible toy figures known and loved by kids worldwide. Beginning with the "Monster In My Pocket®" media franchise in the early 1990s that spawned trading cards, comic books, collectible figures, books and a videogame, MEG went on to create the "Puppy In My Pocket®," "Kitty In My Pocket®," "Jungle In My Pocket®" and "Pony In My Pocket®" series of toys and collectibles. Collectively, the "In My Pocket" franchise garnered over $150 million in worldwide retail in 2007 alone. Now licensed for toy distribution in over 50 countries, the "In My Pocket" franchise is poised for exponential growth.

"Children around the world already have a strong emotional attachment with the 'In My Pocket' brands," said Brad Young, CEO of Flashman Studios. "MEG has a proven winner on its hands with 'In My Pocket,' and we can't wait to work with a dedicated publisher to bring this beloved franchise to gamers across the world."

MEG has enjoyed substantial success with its various "In My Pocket" franchises. "Monster In My Pocket®" was a successful Boys toy brand for Matchbox, Tyco and Vivid from 1991 through 1995, with over 200 different figures sold in continually refreshed series and a variety of themes. "Puppy In My Pocket®," "Kitty In My Pocket®," "Pony In My Pocket®" and "Teddy In My Pocket®" were successful Girls brands for Vivid and Hasbro from 1994-1999. "Monster In My Pocket®" was actively licensed worldwide from 1990-1996 with 90 different licenses in all product categories, and "Puppy In My Pocket®" was actively licensed on a worldwide basis from 1993-1997 with 40 different licenses in most major product categories.

About Flashman Studios:

Flashman Studios represents game developers and intellectual property in the interactive entertainment industry with a particular focus on the videogame market. Flashman Studios offers clients a wide range of expertise, including corporate strategy, sales, marketing, public relations, business development, corporate finance and mergers/acquisitions by utilizing the strength of a team-based approach and strong industry relationships. For more information on Flashman Studios please visit:

About MEG:

MEG is an El Segundo, California-based product development, manufacturing and licensing company, specializing in children's character lines, toys and licenses. In addition to Puppy, Kitty, Jungle and Monster In My Pocket, some of MEG's other innovative brands include Stink Blasters®, Scent Stars® and Scent Stars Wearables®, which have been licensed and distributed in over 40 countries worldwide. For more information about MEG, please visit:

About Licensing Works:

Licensing Works, LLC (dba Licensing Works!) is a licensing and promotions company founded in 2007 by Leslie Levine. Licensing Works consults for select clients and manages their licensing and promotional activities worldwide. Clients include SL Productions, LLC, headed by producer and entrepreneur Sheryl Leach, creator of Barney. Licensing Works represents the worldwide licensing rights (excluding Italy, the UK, Eire, Singapore and Malaysia) to one of the world's fastest growing toy brands, "Puppy In My Pocket®." The In My Pocket brand is owned by MEG, a California-based product development, manufacturing and licensing company specializing in children's character lines, toys and licenses. For more information about Licensing Works, please visit:

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